Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Glow worm reports 2018

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f = glowing females, m = males, l = larvae.  NR = nature reserve. Date of maximum numbers only is shown. Links are given only for publicly accessible sites. Please note that the arrows on the linked maps are only accurate to within 100-200 metres, so do not go on to private land or a garden on the basis of the arrow alone. Information is supplied on the basis of reports received and we can't guarantee that you will see any!
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21 May
Milton Creek, E Kent, TQ91906548, larvae by day
Grovely Hill, Wilton, Wilts, SU07753274, dead larva
Ashley's Field, Horley, Surrey, TQ29403999, 1 larva under reptile sheet

20 May
Morrisons, Princes Park, Chatham, E Kent, TQ76536487, larva by day

19 May
Lorton Meadows NR, Broadwey, Dorset, SY67418268, 1 larva by day
St Helens Wood, Hastings, E Sussex, TQ81381169, 1 larva by day
Haugh Woods, Herefs, SO59123642, 1 larva by day
Cleen Field, Goodrington, S Devon, SX88295906, 2 f

18 May
Cannon Hill Plantation, Wimborne, Dorset, SU0486301233, 1 larva by day

12 May
Laverstock, Wilts, SU16173000, 1 larva
Beddgelert, Gwynedd, SH595485, 1 larva by day

11 May
Arlington Reservoir, E Sussex, TQ531077, 1 larva 

10 May
College Lake NR, Tring, Herts, SP931138, larva by day
Aston Upthorpe Downs, Berks, SU545835, larva by day

9 May
Ditchampton, Wilton, Wilts, garden, 1 larva by day

8 May
Woods Mill, Oreham, Sussex, TQ21781374, 1 larva by day
Greve de L'Ecq to Plemont cliff path, Jersey, 2 larvae by day
Magor Marsh NR, Monmouths, ST42628659, 1 larva

7 May
Llangennith, Glam., SS417906, 1 larva by day
Kings Worthy, Hants, garden, 1 larva by day

6 May
Whiteford Burrows, Gower, Glam., SS44699591, 2 larvae

3 May
Loscombe Dorset Wildlife Trust, SY5002597765, 1 larva by day

30 April
Coedydd Aber NNR, Abergwyngregyn, Caernarvons., SH66557118, 1 larva by day
Strawberry Line Nr Langford, Somerset, ST42516176, 1 larva by day

27 April
Bixley Wood, Beckley, E Sussex, TQ85922331, 1 larva

26 April
Over Compton, Yeovil, Somerset, ST57911739, larvae by day
Parcq de l'Oeillere, St Brelade, Jersey, 20 larvae under rocks and wood.

25 April
Great Wood, Battle, E Sussex, TQ76641592, 1 larva by day

23 April
Lower Burham, Kent, TQ734623, 2 larvae by day (also at TQ732628)
Fairmile Bottom, E Sussex, SU999103. 1 larva by day under reptile refuge

22 April
Ospringe Brick Works, Faversham, TR001616, 1 larva under tin sheet

21 April
Wyre Forest, Shropshire, SO745765, 1 larva by day
Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk, TG34120651, 1 larva by day

16 April
Peters Pit, Wouldham, E Kent, TQ717630, 1 larva

14 AprilLlanharon Quarry, Glam, SS99208208, 1 larva by day

12 April
Flimwell, Sussex, 1 larva with 1 leg missing found in house by day
St Madocs, Gower, Glam, SS427936. 1 larva

9 April
Weldon, Northants, SP925909, 1 larva

7 April
Plemont cliff path, Jersey, 1 larva by day

5 April
Llanbedr (Shell Island), Gwynedd, SH555256, larva

4 April
Bringsty Common, Herefordshire, SO700544, 1 larva by day under reptile refugium

27 March
Pegsdon Hill, Herts, TL119301, 3 larvae by day in leaf litter

6 January
Middlebarrow Quarry, Cumbria, SD4661276603, 3 larvae under stones