Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Glow worm reports 2018

Most recent first.

f = glowing females, m = males, l = larvae.  NR = nature reserve; CP = country park. Maximum numbers only shown. Links are given only for publicly accessible sites. Please note that the arrows on the linked maps may only be accurate to within 100-200 metres, so do not go on to private land or a garden on the basis of the arrow alone. Information is supplied on the basis of reports received and we can't guarantee that you will see any!
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22 October
Slump Bottom, Newhaven, Sussex, TQ461030, 1 larva by day

10 October
Longdown, New Forest, Hants, SU35600766, 2 larvae glowing. Also several at SU361087

8 October
Ditchling Common CP, Sussex, TQ3320418794, 1 larva glowing

3 October
Whitchurch Down, Devon, SX51017382, 8 larvae glowing

2 October
Priors Hall Park, Weldon, Northants, SP923912, 3 larvae

30 September
Ladybelt Country Park, Norfolk, TG170027, 1 larva by day under refuge

27 September
Airport Common, Jersey, 1 larva by day

25 September
Witley Common, Surrey, SU91973984, 1 larva by day

18 September
Betchworth, Surrey, TQ20785128, 1 larva glowing at night

16 September
Santon Warren, Norfolk, TL83168754, 1 larva by day

6 September
Long Hanborough, Oxon, SP436140, 1 larva under refuge

4 September
Netherton, Devon, garden, 1f

1 September
Milstead, Kent, TQ896588, 1f
High Ham, Somerset, private land, 1f

27 August
Coldwaltham churchyard, Sussex, TQ02321647, 1f

22 August
Nr Aveton Gifford, Devon, garden, 5f

20 August,
South Efford Marsh NR, Aveton Gifford, Devon, SX69134696, 11f

19 August
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, TQ828858, 1f
Thurlestone–South Milton Sands, Devon, SP1785052761, 10f

16 August
Yarningale Common, Warks, TQ76401324, 3f, 7l
Wansford, Northants, TL08739962, 2f

15 August
Cheddar, Somerset, garden, 2f

14 August
Redhills, Arnside, Cumbria, SD454778, 4f
Stanton Downham, Norfolk, garden, 3f

11 August
Wineham, Sussex, TQ23031868, 1f

10 August
East Grimstead, Wilts, private land, 5l
Bowsey Hill, Berks, SU80458000, 1f
Queens Valley Reservoir, Jersey, 4f

9 August
Castlemead, Trowbridge, Wilts, ST87525789, 1f
Balmore Walk, Reading, Berks, SU71487573, 1f
Henfield, Sussex, TQ200174, 1f
Charlton Adam, Somerset, ST54042888, 2f

8 August
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, TM356485, 1f
Station Rd, West Bay, Dorset, SY46529034, 1f, 2m
Kilsyth, Stirling, garden, 1f

7 August
Challaborough, S Devon, SX64714491, 5f
Dalby Forest, N Yorks, SE88478850, 5f
Wembury, Devon, SX53104903, 1f

6 August
Newtown, IoW, SZ42089080, 6f
Trent and Mersey Canal, Moston, Cheshire, SJ73106277, 2f
Cobbs Hill campsite, Bexhill, Sussex, TQ73531062, 1f

5 August
Somerton, Somerset, ST487277, 13f
Shadoxhurst, Kent, TQ96863748, 1f
Hartley Primary School, Hartley, Kent, TQ60266731, 2f (site threatened with development)
Rhossili, Glam, SS 41546 88238, 1f

4 August
Cerney Wick canal path, Wilts, SU07849605, 36f over 1 km
Perran Sands, Cornwall, SW76695539, 100f (estimate?)
Reen Sands, Perranporth, Cornwall, SW75785479, 1f
Lympstone-Exmouth coast path, Devon, SX99598268, 17f

3 August
Merley, Dorset, SZ02069685, 1f
Chilham, Kent, TR07645370, 10f
Mottistone Mill, IoW, SZ42308361, 2f
Kingsdon, Somerset, ST51832608, 2f

2 August
Littlemoor, Weymouth, Dorset, SY 68488 82600, 1f
Wembury Point, Devon, SX50424877, 1f

1 August
N Halling, Kent, garden, 1f
Marley, Kent, garden, 1f
Pur Down, Bristol, ST60847607, 7f

31 July
Canal tow path, Hanbury, Worcs, SO93256395, 1f
Norbury Park, Surrey, TQ15125466, 5f
The Warren, Folkestone, Kent, TR24753767, 1f

30 July
Newick, E Sussex, TQ408213, 1f
Harman's Cross, Dorset, SY9843079561, 5f
Walberswick Common, Suffolk, TM49037493, 1f, 1l
Wraxall, Somerset, ST59863639, 1f
Colley Hill, Reigate, Surrey, TQ24265222, 2f

29 July
Donhead St Mary, Wilts, garden, 3f
Holywell Bay, Cornwall, SW76665890, 10f

28 July
Dunstable, Beds, TL00762084, 1f

27 July
Langport. Somerset, garden, 1f
Cooden Beach, E Sussex, TQ70310632, 3f
Storrington, W Sussex, garden, 3f
Darland Banks, Kent, TQ78626589, 4f
Hawkhurst, Kent, TQ76373095, 1f (site has planning application for 28 houses)
Dundon Hill, Somerset, ST48263246, 1f
Broadham Green, Surrey, private land, 1f
Nr Malborough, Devon, garden, 4f

26 July
Stoke Park, Bristol, ST61817687, 2f
Durlston CP, Dorset, SZ03097723, 7f, 1m
Kingskerswell, Devon, SX87276726, 1f
Hamstreet Woods, Kent, TR00453384, 2f
Thurnham, Kent, garden, 1f
Sparrow's Green, Sussex, garden, 1f
Brockhampton, Glos, garden, 2f
Walton, Street, Somerset, ST45103700, 9f
Durdle Door, Dorset, SY80718038, 2f
South Lodge Hotel, Crabtree, Horsham, Sussex, TQ 21777 25436, 5f

25 July
Oare, Kent, TR00386246, 1f
Hambledon churchyard, Hants, SU64641514, 50f
Alhampton, Somerset, ST63133444, 15f
Morecombelake, Dorset, SY39409383, 1f
Farlington, Hants, garden, 1f
Warren, Eastbourne, Sussex, TV59269792, 2f
Llanishen Reservoir, Glam, ST184815, 2f
Bovisand Lodge Estate, Devon, SX49305060, 2f

24 July
Upton Towans, St Ives, Cornwall, SW569400, 1f
Upper Woolhampton, Berks, private land, 4f
Wyre Forest NNR, Worcs, SO74147619, 1f
Southwater CP, Sussex, TQ157258, 6f
Yaverland, IoW, SZ61588521, 10f, 3m

23 July
Evercreech, Somerset, private land, 6f
Whimple New Churchyard, Devon, SY04989700, 4f
Heybrook Bay, Devon, SX4919949065, 10f
Hadlow Down, E Sussex, garden, 1f
Strete, Devon, SX842473, 4f
Gloucester Golf Course, Robinswood Hill, SO843145, 7f

22 July
Darland Banks, Kent, TQ79536533, 1f
Strete Gate, Devon, SX833453, 4f
Bilsington, Kent, private land, 2f, 1m
Nibley Green, Glos, garden, 1f
Parslows Hillock, Bucks, garden, 4f
Moseleys Ford, W Glos, SO63790879, 1f
Bullo Pill, Glos, SO689099, 4f
East Lavant, Sussex, SU85660776, 2f
Chartham, Kent, TR10905515, 1f
Thorverton, Devon, SS92900235, 8f

21 July
Bilting, Kent, garden, 1f
Killerton, Devon, SS971003, 1f
West Malling, Kent, TQ67695814, 5f
Crewkerne, Somerset, private land, 9f
Bleadon, Somerset, garden, 46f, 2m
Wilts and Berks Canal, Royal Wootton Bassett, SU07268162, 1f
Wicken Fen Visitor Centre, Cambs, TL563705, 2f, 1m
Savernake Forest, Wilts, SU21076668, 3f, 2l
Letty Green, Herts, TL284111, 4f
Bexhill, E Sussex, TQ73461054, 3f
Strood Green, Sussex, garden, 10f
Beesands, Devon, SX81984090, 12f
Avoncliff, Wilts, ST80636016, 5f
Holywell Golf Course, Cornwall, SW77115903, 3f
Cherry Hinton East Pit NR, Cambs, TL484557, 22f
Ogmore Down, Glam, SS893757, 5f

20 July
Hythe, Hants, private land, 4f
High Ashton, Devon, garden, 2f
Marley, Kent, garden, 3f
Townclose Hills, Kippax, Yorks, SE405304, 16f
Sharpham, S Devon, SX81555874, 1f
Brakes Coppice Park, Crowhurst, Sussex, TQ76401324, 1f
Aberfoyle, Perthshire, NN50960003, 3l

19 July
Highfields Caldecote, Cambs, garden, 1f
Kennet and Avon canal, Seend, Wilts, ST92776143, 5f
Kennet and Avon canal, Widbrook, Wilts, ST84185951, 1f
East Lexham, Norfolk, private land, 2f
Longdown, Devon, private land, 4f, 1l
Bembridge, IoW, garden, 1f

18 July
Murhill, Wilts, ST79636045, 2f, 9l
Stockland, Devon, ST23630270, 1f
Toft, Cambs, TL350557, 2f
Lower Hyde Heath, Dorset, garden, 1f, 3l

17 July
Gallows Hill, Ivinghoe, Bucks, SP96741709, 1f
The Duver, St Helens, IoW, SZ63148904, 1f
Noss Mayo, S Devon, garden, 6f
Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, TQ82478527, 1f
Loders village hall car park, Dorset, SY49309431, 5f
Hambury Tout, Dorset, SY81448035, 1f

16 July
Spade Oak NR, Bucks, SU882874, 43f around lake
Brook, Surrey, garden, 1f
St Lawrence, IoW, garden, 3f
Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex, TQ35912229, 1f
Cockhill, Castle Cary, Somerset, ST625315, 5f
Binsted, Sussex, garden, 2f

15 July
Ditchampton, Wilts, SU08603199, 2f
Hollesley Heath, Suffolk, TM36134646, 5f
Reigate, Surrey, TQ24545094, 1f, 1l
Blackwell Dale, Taddington, Derbys, SK13207260, 2f
Upton, Hants, SU3604555590, 3f, 3m
Graston Copse, Burton Bradstock, Dorset, SY49788982, 2f
Mothecombe, S Devon, SX61114740, 1f, 1m
Otford, Kent, garden, 1f
Huish, Wilts, SU13756402, 1f

14 July
West Wycombe churchyard, Bucks, SU 82747 94977, 6f
West Wycombe Hill, Bucks, SU 82831 94790, 3f
Shawford, Hants, SU47242473, 7f
Thorverton, Devon, SS92860266, 14f
Hertingfordbury, Herts, TL31191173, 5f
Wembury Point, Devon, SX50434878, 1f
Clidd Rd, Wembury, Devon, SX5212648562, 1f
Aldeburgh, Suffolk, garden, 3f
Shapwick Heath NR, Somerset, ST434405, 19f, 2l
Costessey, Norfolk, TG192109, 1f
Kennington, Oxon, SP 52619 01743, 2f
Garvestone, Norfolk, garden, 1f
Weybourne Heath, Norfolk, TG12614202, 2f, 7m, 8l

13 July
Olveston, Glos, ST60248675, 2f
Sharpthorne, Sussex, garden, 1f
Bicknacre, Essex, TL79460256, 2f
Forder, Saltash, Cornwall, SX41345813, 1f
Povey Cross, Surrey, garden, 2f
Kingswear Castle, Devon, SX89235048, 2f
Landcross, N Devon, garden, 1f
Nr Chicksgrove, Wilts, garden, 1f

12 July
Grovely Wood, Wilton, Wilts, SU07743271, 3f
Goodrich, Herefs, garden, 4f
Batcombe, Somerset, garden, 1f
Black Notley, Essex, TL77422041, 1f
Boyton Country Park, Suffolk, TM350467, 2f
Farley Mount CP, Hants, SU43053002, 1f
Southdown Gliding Club, Cootham, Sussex, TQ07221455, 2f
Battle, Sussex, garden, 1f
Attleborough, Norfolk, garden, 2f
Peasmarsh, E Sussex, garden, 7f
Gwithian Towans, Cornwall, SW578407, 8f
Etchingham, Surrey, private land, 1f

11 July
Hardway, Bruton, Somerset, garden 1f
Heath Common, Storrington, Sussex, garden, 6f, 1m
Graffham Common, Sussex, garden, 1f
Heligan, Cornwall, SX00774574, 12f
Bathampton, Somerset, ST78096555, 2f

10 July
Sheepridge Lane, Little Marlow, Bucks, SU885887, 17f
Fern Lane Cemetery, Little Marlow, Bucks, SU8835988590, 2f
Woolaston, Glos, garden, 5f
Patterdale, Cumbria, garden, 10f
Perran Sands Holiday Park, Cornwall, SW76605552, 12f
Halnaker, Sussex, SU91710880, 1f

9 July
Irchester, Northants, SP93516556, 1f
Upper Padley, Grindleford, Derbys, SK24557884, 1f
Dormans Park railway path, Surrey, TQ397408, 1f
Teign Village, Devon, SX83728097, 2f
St Helens churchyard, IoW, SZ6251189902, 4f
Shouldham Warren, Norfolk, private land, 1f

8 July
Golant, Cornwall, garden, 1f
Forty Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks, SU925913, 2f
Billingshurst, Sussex, garden, 1f
Cerney Wick, Wilts, SU07839615, 7f
Uckfield, Sussex, TQ484216, 1f
Middleton Hill NR, Broad Chalke, Wilts, SU04362349, 3f
Droitwich Community Woods, Worcs, SO883620, 25f
Loders, Dorset, SY49849485, 2f, 6m (to moth trap), 1l
Southwick Hill, Shoreham, Sussex, TQ23900769, 1f

7 July
Orley Common, Ipplepen, Devon, SX82506643, 1f
The Butts, New Forest, Hants, SU21171530, 1f
Linton, Cambs, TL56124640, 1f
Colemans Hatch, Sussex, TQ446336, 3f
Wivelsfield Green, Sussex, garden, 2f
Lavant, Hants, SU85570767, 2f
Blakeney, Glos, garden, 1f
Penmaen Burrows, Glam, SS53398803, 2f
Clanfield, Hants, SU71581743, 1f
Gaggen Path, St Helens, IoW, SZ63388928, 1f, 1m
Butser Hill, Hants, SU71402035, 4f
Savernake Forest, Wilts, SU231650, 2f
Keymer, Sussex, TQ315134, 6-20f
Combeinteignhead, Devon, garden, 1f

6 July
Holtspur Bank LNR, Beaconsfield, Bucks, SU919904, 10f, 3m
Alveston, Gloucs, garden, 1f
Masson Hill SSSI, Matlock Bath, Derbys, SK290589, 8f
Hale E Kent, garden, 1f
SW Coast Path, Wembury, Devon, SX51194843, 15f
Broad Chalke, Wilts, garden, 1f
Beaulieu Heath, Hants, SU35460029, 1f
Ham Hill, Somerset, ST47861706, 2f
Beer Head Caravan Park, Devon, SY226886, 4f
Figsbury Ring, Wilts, SU189337, 20f
Middlebarrow Hill, Silverdale, Cumbria, SD46277656, 1f
South Stoke, Oxon, SU59918394, 23f, 3m
Badger Farm Sainsbury's, Winchester, Hants, SU46332745, 6f
Parc Slip, Glam, SS88168424, 3f

5 July
Holford, Somerset, private land, 1f
Swanscombe, Kent, TQ60317377, 1f
Cuckoo Wood, Downe, Kent, TQ44476231, 2f
Bearsted, Kent, caravan park, 2f
Dursley, Glos, garden, 1f
Woodchester Park (NT), Glos, SO82250124, 1f
Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk, TL74334374, 2f, 1m
Torcross, Devon, SX82284206, 3f
Boxmoor, Herts, TL03210630, 21f

4 July
Coldmoorholm Lane, Bourne End, Bucks, SU883874, 11f, 1m
Dormans Station, Dormansland, Surrey, TQ39744150, 8f
Holborough, Kent, TQ69766267, 7f
E Ogwell, Newton Abbot, Devon, SX83927054, 2f
Gt Blakenham, Suffolk, garden, 6f
Cathiron, Warks, SP47097796, 3f
Southwick Hill, Sussex, TQ239075, 44f

3 July
Sandling, Kent, TR14543695, 2f
Bearsted, Kent, garden, 1f
Hannafore, Looe, Cornwall, SX25235223, 11f
Stonesfield slate mines, Oxon, SP39311675, 1f
Tarka Trail, Yelland, Devon, SS49223256, 2f
Oxenhall Wood, Gloucs, SO687279, 5f
Cockaynes NR, Alresford, Essex, TM052215, 17f, 3m
Theberton graveyard, Suffolk, TM43806592, 9f
Theberton churchyard, Suffolk, TM43766590, 2f

2 July
Chailey Common, Sussex, private land, 2f
Aston Rowant NR, Oxon, SU725970, 7f on Beacon Hill
Llanmynech Rocks, Powys, SJ26762189, 2f
Park and Ride, Wilton, Wilts, SU10173190, 8f
Pitton, Glam, private land, 1f
Bernwood Forest, Bucks, SP620109, 6f
Trinity Hill, S Devon, SY30779569, 1f
Aveton Gifford, Devon, private land, 1f, 5m
Bantham, Devon, SX66334397, 2f, 1m
Brockamin, Worcs, garden, 7f, 1m

1 July
Habberley Valley NR, Worcs, SO80167802, 1m to bat detector light
Bromley Green, Kent, garden, 2f
Huish Episcopi, Somerset, garden, 1f
Oakley, Beds, TL01435376, 2f
Porton, Wilts, garden, 1f
Aston Clinton Ragpits, Bucks, SP88771085, 8f
Knock Wood, St Michaels, E Kent, TQ89933534, 1f
Havant Thicket, Hants, SU72081044, 1f
Milltown, Derbys, private land, 255f, 1m
Leiston, Suffolk, TM4635962227, 5f
The Warren, Ashford, Kent, garden, 2f
Chailey, E Sussex, TQ40771918, 1f
E Panson, Devon, garden, 8f
Starcross, Devon, SX967819, 3f
Stonesfield, Oxon, SP39361695, 2f
Combe Rd, Stonesfield, Oxon, SP39781695, 1f
Llandogo, Monmouths, SO52450459, 2f
Litlington, Sussex, private land, 30f est.

30 June
Beckley, E Sussex, private land, 2f
Bromley Green, E Kent, garden, 1f
Stonesfield cemetery, Oxon, SP39351694, 6f
Lulworth Cove, Dorset, SY81778021, 30f, 2m
Freshfield, Sussex, garden, 2f
Dunkirk, Kent, TR077600, 2f
Pin Dale, Castleton, Derbys, SK156822, 3f
Hadfields Quarry, Hope, Derbys, SK16258230, 3f
St Helens Wood, Hastings, adjacent garden, 2f
Minsmere NR, Suffolk, TM46346697, 12f
Dramway, Mangotsfield, Bristol, ST67587670, 9f, inc ST68637762 (2f) and ST69267838 (3f)
Stoke Gabriel, Devon, private land, 2f
Calstock, Cornwall, private land, 1f
Old rly line, Holmsley, New Forest, SU20400159, 2f
The Warren, Glos, ST55129288, 6f
Headley Heath, Surrey, TQ205531, 1f
Redbrook Street, Kent, private land, 3f
Henfield Downs Link, W Sussex, TQ1511526787, 7f
Aberthaw, Glam, ST04216604, 1f
Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, Hardwicke, Glos, SU10173190, 3f
Eastbourne Golf Club, Sussex, TV58659870, 2f
Branscombe, Devon, private land, 1f
Llanbedr (Shell Island), Gwynedd, SH554263, 1f
Blean Woods, Kent, TR12355943, 1f
Kings Worthy, Hants, SU49463264, 25f  by Cart and Horses pub
Homersfield, Suffolk, garden, 2f
St Brides Major, Glam, SS898752, 6f

29 June
Lulworth Cove, Dorset, SY82297991, 1f
N Cheriton, Somerset, garden, 2f, 1m, 3l
Biddenden, Kent, garden, 2f
Ditchampton, Wilts, SU08903211, 3f
Dainton, S Devon, garden, 1f
Allerthorpe Common, SE Yorks, SE75564782, 1f
Porth Dafarch, Anglesey, SH23418006, 10f
Shropham, Norfolk, garden, 6f
Basing Road, Basingstoke, Hants, SU657 529, 7f
East Weares, Portland, Dorset, SY703717, 19f
Clay Hill, Burley, Hants, SU23420223, 5f
Langley Heath, Maidstone, Kent, TQ824507, 1f
S Chailey, E Sussex, garden, 4f, 1m
Salehurst, E Sussex, garden, 1f
Yarlington, Somerset, ST66462925, 21f
Normandy Common, Surrey, SU92215186, 2f. Also 1f at SU92175213 and SU92305177

28 June
Norton, Newhaven, Sussex, garden, 7f
Llanishen, Monmouths, garden, 1f
Llanharon, Glam., garden, 1f
Windsor Forest, Berks, SU929745, 2f
Cunswick Scar, Kendal, Cumbria, SD49279305, 8f, 4m, 4l
Three Oaks, E Sussex, garden, 3f
Davington, Kent, TQ9998562039, 5f
Top Lodge, Fineshade Woods, Northants, SP980982, 10f
Halesworth, Suffolk, garden, 9f
Penmaen Burrows, Glam, SS53138783, 4f
Cann Woods, Plymouth, SX522606, 25f
Crick, Monmouths, private land, 1f
Matley Wood campsite, New Forest, Hants, SU332076, 3f, 1m
Woodham Road, Stow Maries. Essex, TQ822988, 4f along 400 m
Cold Norton, Essex, TL84990036, 9f in Station Rd and Latchingdon Rd
Reynoldston, Glam, SS4704590733, 14f along ¼ mile of road
27 June
Pegsdon Hills NR, Beds, TL118294, 7f
Aldwincle, Northants, TL004824, over 25f between Aldwincle and Wadenhoe
Ruggin, Somerset, garden, 1f
Ketton Quarry NR, Northants, SK978053, 14f, 2m
Maperton, Somerset, garden, 1f
Sevenoaks Common, garden, 1f
Frilford Heath, Berks, SU45009865, 2f
Flordon, Norfolk, garden, 1f
Tracebridge, Somerset, garden, 1f
St Lawrence, IoW, garden, 2f
Creech St Michael, Somerset, ST 27611 25637, 1f
St Brides Major, Glam, SS898752, 7f
Oldcastle Down, Glam, SS90567561, 1f
Rhydlios, Gwynedd, garden, 1f, 3m, 2l
Coniston copper mine, Cumbria, SD29309824, 1f
Forge Brook, Soudley, Glos, SO669079, 1f
Selsley churchyard, Glos, SO82950377, 16f

26 June
Haugh Wood, Herefs, SO593373, 2f, 3m
Slapton Sands car park, Devon, SX82784438, 1f, 1l
Saxonbury Hill, Mark Cross, E Sussex, TQ57673279, 1f
Weir Quay, Devon, SX43286495, 6f
Chapel Farm Bridge over A40, Monmouths, SO52661488, 1f
Lower Assendon, Oxon, garden, 1f
Worth Matravers, Dorset, SY97437683, 4f
Burrator, Devon, SX5753070050, 2f, 2m
Holton Airfield, Suffolk, TM4063579586, 17f

25 June
Willand, Devon, private land, 1f
Bringsty Common, Herefs, SO699545, 5f around wide area
Purdis Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, TM210427, 25f over central part of heath
Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, TM243449, 2f
Hartley, E Kent, garden, 1f

24 June
Wyre Forest NNR, Worcs, SO754764, 1f, 1m
Hookwood, Surrey, TQ26924202, 2m to bat detector light.
Hookwood, Surrey, TQ266418, 3f
Povey Cross, Surrey, TQ26864188, 2f, 3m
Helhoughton, Fakenham, Norfolk, garden, 10f
Dalwood, S Devon, private land, 8f
Bristol-Bath cycle track, Saltford, Somerset, ST68686775, 3f
West Camel, Somerset, garden, 1f

23 June
Ettrick, Selkirkshire, private land, 1f
Staplehurst, Kent, garden, 7f
Newton Dorset, private land, 11f
Needham Market, Suffolk, TM09805437, 1f
Pensford, Somerset, private land, 1f
Hassop Common, Derbys, SK228735, 1f
Flackwell Heath Golf Course, Bucks, SU9044089900, 4f, 1m
Derehams Lane, Loudwater, Bucks, SU9037790988, 1f
Beer, Devon, garden, 1f
Fineshade Wood, Northants, SP99149856, 11f. Also 3f at SP98599861
Slufters Underpass, A31, Hants, SU23460979, 7f
Norton, Newhaven, Sussex, TQ47050175, 2f
Ogmore/St Brides Down, Glam., SS89117582, 10f along track
Llandogo, Monmouths, garden, 1f
Cradle Hill, Warminster, Wilts, ST886466, 1f
King's Wood, Challock, Kent, TR02945107, 15f along path through woods
Bucknell Wood, Salop, SO33847371, 7f, 1m
La Corbière, Jersey, 8f
Newington, Folkestone, Kent, garden, 1f, 1m
Llangeitho, Ceredigion, garden, 4f, 2l
Lathkill Dale NNR, Derbys, SK1612266162, 7f

22 June
Milton Creek Country Park, Kent, TQ919654, 15f around reserve
Middle Winterslow, Wilts, SU25163263, 1f
Sayers Common, W Sussex, garden, 1f
Stonesfield railway bridge, Oxon, SP395156, 2f
Finchdean, Hants, private land, 3f
Effingham Common, Surrey, TQ10635523, 1f
Broadstreet Common, Surrey, garden, 1f
High Halstow, Kent, TQ78647628, 37f, 1m, 1l. Land set aside for development.
Millersford Bottom, Hants, SU18701658, 2f
Trans-Pennine Way, Thurgoland, Yorks, SE292003, 13f
Gresley Wood, Swadlincote, Derbys, SK296173, 35f, 1m
Hollingbury, Brighton, Sussex, TQ32260856, 14f
Petersfield Cricket Ground, Hants, SU7575223111, 1 larva by day

21 June
Portland Bill, Dorset, SY68276883, 1f
A616 Markland Grips, Clowne, Derbys, SK512753, 55f, 1m
The Street, Stow Maries, Essex, TQ831993, 3f (+2f in Church Lane)
Tyler Hill, E Kent, garden, 1f
Iping Common, W Sussex, SU846200, 1f; SU85152198, 2f
Bramble Bush Bay, Studland, Dorset, SZ03388621, 2f
Haughmond Hill. Salop, SJ546136, 14f

20 June
Wootton, IoW, SZ54739364, 6f
Lurgashall, W Sussex, SU9313527384, 1m to bat detector light
Black Rock, Cromford, Derbys, SK29225577, 4f, 1m, 1l
Bonscombe, Dorset, SY487919, 1f, 1m
Monkton Combe, Bath, private land, 1f
Cold Norton, Essex, TL85070037, 10f along Station Rd and Latchingdon Rd
Freshwater East, Pembs, SS01679776, 1f.
Bringsty Common, Herefs, SO69845441, 1f
Morfa Dyffryn, nr Dyffryn Ardudwy, SH574220, 5f
Ewin's Hill, Aldbourne, Wilts, SU255740, 3f
Grayswood, Surrey, garden, 4f
Upgate Common, nr Attleborough, Norfolk, TG14311819, 3f
Station field, Dormansland, Surrey, TQ39864162, 2f

19 June
Guildford, Surrey, garden near Pewley Down, 1 larva by day
Shermanbury, Sussex, private land, 3f, 1m
Blackheath, Surrey, garden, 1f
Wrotham Heath, Kent, garden, 4f
Below Blackcap, Sussex, TQ377128, 4f
Creeksea, Essex, TQ93259568, 13f, 2m
Uddens Hill Plantation, Wimborne, Dorset, SU04860128, 2f
Lanes nr Gillingham, Dorset, SU829290, 8f on circular route (~ 5km)
Swin Lane, Swinbrook, Oxon, SP28231211, 20f..
Birchwood, Longley Green, Herefs, garden, 2f
Centurion Way, Chichester, W Sussex, SU85530741, 4f
Toll Gate Path, Gt Orme, Llandudno, SH766824, 29f
Dodpen Hill, Dorset, private land, 3f
Ellerburn Bank, N Yorks, SE853849, 25f
Thorndon Country Park, Essex, TQ610909, 2f, 1l
Farlington, Portsmouth, SU68260615, 15f

18 June
Udimore, E Sussex, garden, 1f
Cowplain, Hants, SU70521199, 7f, 4l
The Doward, Herefs, SO5415, details not given
Lottisham, Somerset, garden, 1f
Robin Hood, Baslow, Derbys, SK27807213, 6f, 8l
Mill Hill, Brockweir, Glos, garden, 1f, 1m
Bringsty Common, Herefs, SO70135446, 1f
Princes Coverts, Chessington, Surrey, TQ16696132, 4f, 1m
Ludgershall, Wilts, private land, 6f
Theberton, Suffolk, TM44516620, 1f
Pipers Vale NR, Ipswich, Suffolk, TM178415, 12f
Pant Ifan, Tremadog, Gwynedd, SH56774071, 1f
Locksgreen, IoW, SZ432899, 2f

17 June
Eridge Green, E Sussex, private land, 1f
Newchurch, IoW, SZ553845, 1f
Cannop Ponds, Glos, SO60741001, 12f, 1m
Groombridge, E Sussex, garden, 1f

16 June
Holmsley, New Forest, Hants, SZ22249956, 1f
Kirk Dale, Sheldon/Ashford-in-the Water, Derbys, SK19186947, 4f
California Country Park, Wokingham, Berks, SU788653, 2f
Lopcombe Corner, Wilts, garden, 1f
Worth Matravers, Dorset, SY977773, 8f along path to sea
Brownsea Island, Dorset, SZ01678752, 1f
Weybourne Heath, Norfolk, TG12614202, 100l, + several males on surveyors
Pennard Burrows, Glam, SS540882, 7f
Hartslock NR, Oxon, SU61627953, 1f

15 June
 Southwood, Farnborough, Hants, SU842547, 1f
Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight, garden, 1f
Freshwater East, Pembs, SS019980, 1f
Hodnet railway line, Staffs, SJ62112897, 48f
Deep Dale/Dimmin Dale, Derbys, SK1674470269, 5f
Nr Llandeilo, Carmarthens, garden, 8f, 1m
Passage House Hotel, Newton Abbot, Devon, SX8805772416, 1f.
Woldingham Garden Village, Surrey, garden, 1f
Swinbrook Churchyard, Oxon, SP279121,  10f
Blackwell Common, nr Fawley, Hants, SU4312002073, 7f
Windmill Hill NR, nr Evesham, Worcs, SP07144755, 2-5f
Whiteleaf Wood, Bucks, SP82720436, 3f, 1m
W. Charleton church gate, Devon, SX74974260, 2f
Ansty, Wilts, garden, 1f
Cors Caron, Cardiganshire, SN69276266, 4f
North Warren NR, Suffolk, TM46205973, 1f
Stratton Strawless, Hevingham, Norfolk, garden, 1f
Plumpton Green, Sussex, private land, 3f

14 June
Heath and Reach, Beds, garden, 1f
Burham, E Kent, garden, 1f
Chattenden, W Kent, garden, 1f
Hay Dale and Dam Dale SSSI, Derbys, SK123765, 12f
Gore Heath, Wareham, Dorset, SY92369111, 2f
W. Kingsdown, W Kent, garden, 2f
Cleeve Hill, nr Cheltenham, Glos, SO99432725, 4f
The Warren, Ashford, Kent, garden, 1f
Highgate Common, Staffs, SO84059057, 32f, 2m, 1l between Brants Hill and Goldie Heath

13 June
Gander's Green, Glos, SO70712035, 1f
Stratford Greenway, Warks, SP19475381, 2f
Burghfield Sailing Club, Berks, SU64957028, 1f
Pulpit Hill and Grangelands NR, Bucks, SP828051, 1f
Darwell Wood, E Sussex, TQ698200, 4f
Between Falmer and Lewes, Sussex, TQ37620894, 3f
Wyke Down, Dorset, SU00571480, 9f
RSPB Minsmere, Suffolk, TM46346697, 3f
Stockbridge Down, Hants, SU378348, 95f, 24m
RSPB Tudeley Woods, Kent, TQ61964214, 6f
Wicken Fen, Cambs, TL 55392 70000, 5f

12 June
Rowly, Cranleigh, Surrey, garden, 2f
Damery, Glos, garden, 1f
Hurston Warren, W Sussex, private SSSI, 1f
Wimbleball Lake, Somerset, SS97883139, 3f
Farway Hill. Devon, private land, 1f
Wembury, S Devon, SX519484, 2f
Earlswood Valley, Monmouths, ST44919478, 3f
Wimbleball Lake, Devon, SS974318, 6f
Coxbench, Derbys, SK370430, 4f
Bigsweir, Monmouths, SO53530506, 1f
Ashenground Woods, Haywards Heath, Sussex, TQ326231, 18f

11 June
Gore Heath, Wareham, Dorset, SY93009118, 3f
Priors Hall Park, Weldon, Northants, 6f
Bryn-Mawr, Caernarvonshire, garden, 4f
Truleigh Hill, Sussex, TQ22521060, 16f
Wimborne Minster, Dorset, garden, 4f, 2m, 1l
Bagworth, Leics, SK448081, 1m to moth trap

10 June
Horseshoe and Back Dale SSSIs, Chelmorton, Derbys, SK096707, 9f, 1m
High Lodge Forest Park, Brandon, Suffolk, TL80808558, 1f
Lower Soudley, Glos, SO66211058, 1f

9 June
Hillbridge Wood, Taxal, Derbys, SK0108778813, 7f, 1m
Gardener's Hill. Newhaven, E Sussex, TQ461029, 7f
Godinton Park Estate, Ashford, Kent, TQ 98731 43148, 2f
Bickleigh, Devon, private land, 1m
Frogmore, Kingsbridge, S Devon, garden, 1f
Leavenheath, Suffolk, TL94353690, 1f
Picket Twenty, Andover, Hants, garden, 2f, 1m
Trevellas Cove, St Agnes, Cornwall, SW726520, 2f

8 June
Holborough Marsh NR, W Kent, TQ70586305, 2 larvae by day under rubble
Hothfield, E Kent, garden, 1f
Cranborne, Dorset, garden, 1f.
Aldbourne, Wilts, SU249773, 1f, 10m attracted to light

7 June
Woo Dale SSSI, Buxton, Derbys, SK 0898 7342, 32f, 13m
Hewton, Okehampton, Devon, garden, 3f
Queendown Warren, E Kent, TQ828629, 2-5 (photo of male only)
Flixton, Norfolk, garden, 2f
Lions Green, E Sussex, garden, 1f
Ellerburn Bank, N Yorks, SE8533184934, 3m in moth trap
Langden, Forest of Bowland, SD6273451924, 1f

6 June
Aston Rowant NR, Oxon, SU7249797518, 1f
Hartland Moor NR, Dorset, SY96198523, 1f
Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, E Kent, garden, 2f
Pirbright firing range (MoD), Surrey, SU920553, 3f
Cors Caron, Ceredigion, SN688620, 22f (2f on 30/6/18)

5 June
Lower Washfield, Devon, garden, 1f
Ballidon Dale SSSI, Derbys, SK204553, 4f
St Mary Church, Glam, SS99657177, 1f
Spreading Oak, New Forest, Hants, SU23951071, 6f
Ocknell Pond, New Forest, Hants, SU23541180, 1f
Slufters Underpass, New Forest, Hants, SU234097, 8f
Fritham Cross, New Forest, Hants, SU23951060, 1f

4 June
Wisley Common, Surrey, TQ076588, 1f
Brushfield, High Dale, Derbys, SK156716, 19f, 4m
Luss, Dumbartonshire, NS357919, 4f
Portlemouth Down, S Devon, SX738373, 7l by day

3 June
Gang Mine NR, Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbys, SK285556, 4f
Blea Tarn, Cumbria, NY29570418, 1f

2 June
Sheldon, N Devon, garden, 1f
Hooke, Dorset, private land, 1f

1 June
Warmwell Holiday Park, Dorset, SY76068791, 1f
Clay Hill, Burley, Hants, SU22780241, 4f

31 May
E Malling, Kent, allotment, 1f
Stibbington, Northants, TL0907299451, 2f

30 May
Tincleton. Dorset, SY75629191, 4f
Hartfordbridge, Hants, garden, 1f

29 May
Miller's Dale, Derbys, SK15247328, 3f
Bishopstone, E Sussex, garden, 1f, 1m

28 May
Top Lodge, Fineshade Wood, Northants, SP98149828, 1f
Burnbake campsite, Corfe Castle, Dorset, SY9954483712, 1f

27 May
Ham Street Woods NNR, E Kent, (precise location not given), 1 larva by day
Sheepham, S Devon, private land, 1 larva by day
Denfurlong Farm, Chedworth, Glos, SP06491050, 1f
Clipstone Forest, Notts, SK616601, 25f, 3m, 5l

26 May
Newton Bay, Porthcawl, Glam, SS8393077030, 1 larva by day
Stover Country Park, S Devon, SX83387492, 1 larva by day
Bovington Camp, Dorset, private land, 10f

25 May
Thornden Wood, E Kent, TR153635, 1 larva by day
Folkington, E Sussex, garden, 1f
Wouldham Common NR, E Kent, TQ72226343, 1 larva by day

24 May
Davington, E Kent, TR00706231, 2 larvae by day

23 May
Chamber's Farm Wood, Lincs, TF14687427, 3 larvae by day.
Warminster, Wilts, garden, 1f

22 May
Coed Graig-y-Twrch, Carmarthens, SN66774875, 1 larva

21 May
Milton Creek, E Kent, TQ91906548,  6 larvae by day
Grovely Hill, Wilton, Wilts, SU07753274, dead larva
Ashley's Field, Horley, Surrey, TQ29403999, 1 larva under reptile sheet
St Audries Deer Park, W Quantoxhead, Somerset, ST11654217, 1 larva by day
Mount Pleasant, Dunwich, Suffolk, TM474687, 2f under slab

20 May
Morrisons, Princes Park, Chatham, E Kent, TQ76536487, larva by day

19 May
Lorton Meadows NR, Broadwey, Dorset, SY67418268, 1 larva by day
St Helens Wood, Hastings, E Sussex, TQ81381169, 1 larva by day
Haugh Woods, Herefs, SO59123642, 1 larva by day
Cleen Field, Goodrington, S Devon, SX88295906, 2f

18 May
Cannon Hill Plantation, Wimborne, Dorset, SU0486301233, 1 larva by day

16 May
Ketton Quarry NR, Leics, SK976053, 1 larva by day

12 May
Laverstock, Wilts, SU16173000, 1 larva
Beddgelert, Gwynedd, SH595485, 1 larva by day

11 May
Arlington Reservoir, E Sussex, TQ531077, 1 larva 

10 May
College Lake NR, Tring, Herts, SP931138, larva by day
Aston Upthorpe Downs, Berks, SU545835, larva by day

9 May
Ditchampton, Wilton, Wilts, garden, 1 larva by day

8 May
Woods Mill, Oreham, Sussex, TQ21781374, 1 larva by day
Greve de L'Ecq to Plemont cliff path, Jersey, 2 larvae by day
Magor Marsh NR, Monmouths, ST42628659, 1 larva

7 May
Llangennith, Glam., SS417906, 1 larva by day
Kings Worthy, Hants, garden, 1 larva by day

6 May
Whiteford Burrows, Gower, Glam., SS44699591, 2 larvae

3 May
Loscombe Dorset Wildlife Trust, SY5002597765, 1 larva by day
Great Kimble, Bucks, SP82800549, 1 larva by day

30 April
Coedydd Aber NNR, Abergwyngregyn, Caernarvons., SH66557118, 1 larva by day
Strawberry Line Nr Langford, Somerset, ST42516176, 1 larva by day

29 April
Sandford, Dorset, 1 larva

27 April
Bixley Wood, Beckley, E Sussex, TQ85922331, 1 larva

26 April
Over Compton, Yeovil, Somerset, ST57911739, larvae by day
Parcq de l'Oeillere, St Brelade, Jersey, 20 larvae under rocks and wood.

25 April
Great Wood, Battle, E Sussex, TQ76641592, 1 larva by day

23 April
Lower Burham, Kent, TQ734623, 2 larvae by day (also at TQ732628)
Fairmile Bottom, E Sussex, SU999103. 1 larva by day under reptile refuge

22 April
Ospringe Brick Works, Faversham, TR001616, 1 larva under tin sheet

21 April
Wyre Forest, Shropshire, SO745765, 1 larva by day
Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk, TG34120651, 1 larva by day

16 April
Peters Pit, Wouldham, E Kent, TQ717630, 1 larva

14 April
Llanharon Quarry, Glam, SS99208208, 1 larva by day

12 April
Flimwell, Sussex, 1 larva with 1 leg missing found in house by day
St Madocs, Gower, Glam, SS427936. 1 larva

9 April
Weldon, Northants, SP925909, 1 larva

7 April
Plemont cliff path, Jersey, 1 larva by day

5 April
Llanbedr (Shell Island), Gwynedd, SH555256, larva

4 April
Bringsty Common, Herefordshire, SO700544, 1 larva by day under reptile refugium

27 March
Pegsdon Hill, Herts, TL119301, 3 larvae by day in leaf litter

6 January
Middlebarrow Quarry, Cumbria, SD4661276603, 3 larvae under stones