Tuesday 9 May 2023

Glow worm reports 2023

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F = glowing females by night, M = males, L = larvae.  NR = nature reserve; CP = country park. Only peak numbers during a season are shown, so not every record received is listed. Links are given only for publicly accessible sites, although we do not check that all sites are on full public access. Please note that the arrows on the linked maps may only be accurate to within 100-200 metres, so do not go on to private land or a garden on the basis of the arrow alone.  County names are those traditionally used for biological recording. Information is supplied on the basis of reports received and we can't guarantee that you will see any!
Thanks to Helen Welch for compiling the listing.
For more information about the UK Glow Worm Survey or to report where you've seen one, please go to www.glowworms.org.uk


3 October

Lye Valley NR, New Headington, Oxford, Oxon SP547058 1L

1 October

Pant Norton, Ogmore by Sea, Glamorgan SS87737595  1L

Private garden, Knatts Valley, West Kingsdown, Kent

26 September

Plashett Wood, Isfield, E.Sussex TQ4577315815  1L

24 September

Private Garden, Medmenham, Bucks 1F

23 September

Newborough Warren, Anglesey SH422623 2L

11 September

Bells Copse, Havant, S.Hants SU70821031 9L

9 September

South Milton, Devon SX68974266  1F

Cowfold, W.Sussex TQ22442124  1F

7 September

Dunwich Forest, Halesworth, East Suffolk TM45617306 1L

Coed Ty Mawr, Libanus, Breconshire SN98342449  1L

Private Garden, Langport, Somerset

5 September

Sherborne, Dorset ST61371571 2F

4 September

Sayers Common, Hurstpierpoint, W.Sussex TQ27141774  1F

Lepe CP, Langley, S.Hants SZ45509868  2F

3 September

Mineral Line, Watchet, S.Somerset ST06584316  1F

Cloakham, Axminster, E.Devon SY29899965 

2 September

Private Garden, Hartley Green, W.Kent

1 September

Rushmore Park, Tollard Royal, S.Wilts ST95661789 1F

29 August

Aylesford, Kent TQ735595  2F 1M

Strawberry Line, Sandford, Somerset ST420609  4F

26 August

Holbeton, S.Devon SX61715011  3F

25 August

Angmering, Sussex TQ06760540  1F

24 August

Watlington, Oxon SU69729381  1F

Beacon Hill, Rochester, Kent TQ75547134  4F

23 August

Allington, S.Wilts SU20793921  1F

Norton, Worcester, Worcs SO86805223  2F

22 August

Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, W.Sussex TQ14862925  1F

Grafham Water, Huntingdonshire TL14336942  1F

21 August

Branscombe, Devon SY212880  1F

Dunwich,.Suffolk TM45177118  1F

Waltham, Kent TR11324836  1F

Westhumble, Dorking, Surrey TQ17115151  3F

20 August

Ranmore Common, Dorking, Surrey TQ13905023  2F

Leybourne Lakes CP, Snodland, W.Kent TQ70896078  1F

Holcombe,S.Devon SY31479339  3F

Harman’s Cross, Dorset SY98368006  1F

19 August

Ashburnham Place, E.Sussex TQ69041447 19F 

Bovisand, S.Devon SX49325061  1F

Cockington, Torquay, S.Devon SX89826350 1F

18 August

Westhope, Herefordshire SO46895085  1F

Dunk’s Green, W.Kent TQ61305257  2F

17 August

Lower Ashton, S.Devon SX84408424  1F

Cold Norton, S.Essex TL85070035  1F

North Fambridge, S.Essex TQ85829781  1F

Beesands, S.Devon SX818407  2F

16 August

Private garden Woolaston Woodside, W.Glocs

Caversham, Oxon SU71807768  20L

Cadmore End, Bucks  SU772931  1F

15 August

Streatley, Berks SU59348101  1F

Horsington Marsh, S.Somerset ST709250  1F

Waddon, Portesham, Dorset SY61878576  1F

Windsor Great Park, Berks SU970694  1F

14 August

South Cheriton, S.Somerset ST69662477  2F

13 August

Burgh Hill, Etchingham, E.Sussex TQ72082677  2F

12 August

The Trundle, Goodwood, W.Sussex SU87241098  1F

Seacombe Valley, Worth Matravers, Dorset SY97827739  7F 2M

Gillingham, Dorset ST8002825872  23F

11 August

Churchyard, Swinbrook, Oxon SP28011215  4F

10 August

Canalside, Eastington, W.Glocs SO78140615  2F

Peckons Hill, Donhead St Mary, Wilts ST90982256  1F

9 August

Havant Thicket, Rowlands Castle, S.Hants SU70120959  1F 2L

Private Garden, Tarring Neville, E.Sussex

Tytherington, Frome, Somerset ST768455 7F

Stags Head, Llangeitho, Ceredigion SN63685902  22L

Private Land, Rowlands Castle, S. Hants 

Coaley, Stroud, W.Glocs SO76720249  2F

8 August

Private Garden, Dunsmore, Bucks

Steep Hill Cove, Ventnor, Isle of Wight SZ55287698  4F

7 August

Stoke, Newton Ferrers, Devon SX56244677  1F

Pheasants Hill, Bucks, private land, 1F

Private Garden, Longley Green, Worcs

6 August

Sheffield Bottom, Theale, Berks SU648699  4F

Spade Oak NR, Little Marlow, Bucks SU882874  22F

Priestwood, Meopham, W.Kent TQ65066435  2F

5 August

Avonwick, S.Devon SX71335795  1F

Coghurst, E.Sussex TQ823136  2F

Eccliffe, Dorset ST79412532 50F

Theescombe, Minchinhampton, W.Glocs SO84550122  13F 2L

4 August

Private Garden, Todber, Dorset 

3 August

Brechfa, Carmarthenshire SN548314 23L
Burgh Hill, E.Sussex TQ72092677 1F

Cogden, Dorset SY50388846  29F

Middle Assendon, Oxon SU74258563  1F

2 August

Bury Hill, Clatford, N.Hants SU34864349  1F

Bystock NR, East Budleigh, Devon  SY03088490 4F

Idstone, Loddiswell, S.Devon SX705487  1F

West Bexington, Dorset SY53258704  7F

Clapton, S.Somerset ST41100659  3F

31 July

The Elvetham, Hartley Wintney, Hants SU78205626 1F 1L

Capel, Dorking, Surrey, TQ17594050  1F

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight SZ48708767  2F

Norleywood, Lymington, Hants SZ35189777  3F

30 July

Danehill, E.Sussex TQ41092862  1F

29 July

Tyntesfield, N.Somerset ST50737109  1F

Firsdown, S.Wilts SU20533355  2F

Caversham, Oxon SU71917767 2F 1M

Miles Cross, Bridport, Dorset SY43679322  1F

Smarden, Kent TQ87564285  1F

Swellshill, Brimscombe, Glocs SO86110214  20F

Bodiam, Robertsbridge, E.Sussex TQ76532512 1F

28 July

Brook Street, Cuckfield, Sussex TQ30142683 1F

Cary Fitzpaine, Somerset ST54212695 1F

27 July

South Stoke, Oxon SU60088315  26F

Hoath Wood, Herne Common, E.Kent TR17216437  1F

Medmenham, Bucks SU80128470 5F

Thames Head, Cirencester, Wilts ST98489891  2F

Boxmoor, Herts TL03170631  11F

Danesfield, Medmenham, Bucks SU815845 75F

25 July

Lovington, Somerset ST59623104  15F

Witham, Essex TL81801483  5F

Langland Bay, Glamorganshire SS598869  7F

Ham Hill CP, Montacute, Somerset ST47861690  1F

Malvern-Tewkesbury line, Worcs SO79144195 4F 1M

24 July

Westfield, E.Sussex TQ80481561  1L

Snodland, Kent TQ709614  1F

Portland Bill, Dorset SY67836878  1F

Swanton, West Peckham, Kent TQ64065323  1F

Bratton, Salisbury Plain, Wilts ST92485093  2F

Freshwater East, Pembroke SS01119761  9F 1M

Private Garden, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight

23 July

Private land, West Charleton, S.Devon 

Langton Matravers, Swanage, Dorset SY998796  4F

22 July

Clayhill, Northiam, E.Sussex TQ83802331 1F

Beaulieu, New Forest, Hants SU35000603 10F

Private garden, Parkgate, Surrey

21 July

Fort Horsted, Chatham, Kent TQ753650  4F

Portland, Dorset SY69017079  1F

Stonesfield, Oxon SP38981723  9F

Gore Heath, Wareham, Dorset SY92989101  3F

Alver Valley, Gosport, S.Hants SU58390036  2F

Loxhore, N.Devon SS60983731  1F

Kippax, Yorks SE40683030  5F 3L

20 July

Whitstable, Kent TR12446465  14F

Crooksbury Common, Farnham, Surrey SU88684572  7F

Blackness West, Brimscombe, East Glocs SO87720240  5F

Bradford on Avon, N.Wilts  ST83116078 20F

Modbury, S.Devon SX68545147  5F

Storrington, W.Sussex TQ073159 1F 2M 30L

19 July

Borough Green, W.Kent TQ60405632  2F 1M

Plumberow, Hockley, S.Essex TQ84129417  2F

Creeksea, S.Essex TQ93259568  20F 1M

Marshalls Heath, Herts TL162150  8F

Salway Ash, Dorset SY45609754  1F

Burgess Field, Oxford, Oxon SP498088  7F

Staple Hill, Whitford, Somerset ST24801612  2F

Sennen Cove, Cornwall SW36102656  2F

Park Wood, Hailsham, E.Sussex TQ60681244  8F

Greenham Common, Berks SU49536460  1F

Slepe Heath, Purbeck NNR, Dorset SY948859  4F

Clapham Common, W.Sussex TQ09170561  8F

18 July

Catherington, Hants SU69831491  1F

Private garden, Beer, Devon

Knowlton Rings, Dorset SU02381028  20F

Stockbridge Down, N.Hampshire SU378347  17F 9M 

Semley, Wilts ST88622701  4F

St Edmunds Fen, Wicken, Cambs TL564704  1M

Banstead Downs, Surrey TQ25436095  15F

Knepp Estate, Horsham, W.Sussex TQ15672104 4F

17 July

Fernhurst, W.Sussex SU89372780  2F

Bigbury on Sea, S.Devon SX651442  23F

Fawler, Oxon SP37061719  3F

Newton Abbott, Devon SX84017232 1F

Yarningdale Common, Warks, SP19196604  12F 3L

Fern, Well End, Bucks SU883885 9F 7M

South Downs Way, Steyning, W.Sussex TQ164099  50F

Ynys Fawr, Y Ffor, Caernarvonshire SH40333827  4F

Horseshoe Dale, Chelmorton, Derbys SK098700 2F

Wendens Ambo, Essex TL5197036183  17F

Private Land, Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset

Private land, Malvern Wells, Worcs.

16 July

Peasmarsh, Rye, Sussex TQ87882249  3F

Private garden, Llandegveth, Monmouthshire

Hyde Common, Frogham, S.Hants SU17671285  2F

Heartwood Forest, Herts TL15141143 17F

Harting Down, W.Sussex SU80161803  6F

Cowfold, W.Sussex TQ22382130  9F

15 July

Milton Creek CP, Sittingbourne, Kent TQ91616495  32F

Bix, Oxon SU73028515  3F

Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks SP96151617  24F

Basildon, Essex TQ714875  2F

Lockerley, Hants SU29332764  2F

Private Land, Mortimer, Berks 

Winterbourne, E.Kent TR064579 5F

California CP, Finchampstead, Berks SU78546523 1F

Pipers Vale, Ipswich, Suffolk TM17734162  44F 1M

Tal-y-van, Dingestow, Monmouthshire SO45060901  1F

14 July

Bradwell Dale, Derbys SK1697780220 12F

Private Lane, Shovelstrode, E.Grinstead, Sussex

Llangenith, Glamorgans. SS419912  5F

Robinswood Hill CP, Glocs SO8314  21F

Summertown, Oxford, Oxon SP50160849  1F

Abbotsbury, Dorset SY54958527  1F

Silchester Common, N.Hants SU62066236 28F 2M

Barford St Martin, Wilts SU058313  4F

13 July

Manaccan, Cornwall SW77042376  4F

Hope Cove, Devon SX67564018  5F

Hartland Moor NR, Wareham, Dorset SY96098507  9F

Harman’s Cross, Dorset SY98417948  2F

12 July

Thurlestone, S.Devon  SX670423  15F

Uplands, Stroud, E.Glocs SO86240650 30F

Thorverton, S.Devon SS92860288  60F

Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset SY37419582  7F

Little Comfort, Launceston, Cornwall SX34718054  1F

Emersons, Bristol, W.Glocs ST68607759  13F

Essendine, Leics TF040123  10F

Ragpits, Aston Clinton, Bucks SP88841087  10F

Marden, Kent TQ75894472  5F 4M

Mount Pleasant, Stroud SO86210481 23F

Clowne, Derbys SK50987549 33F 2M

11 July

West Grinstead, S.Sussex TQ16492039  1F

St Ives Bay, Cornwall SW57473931  1F

Private Garden, East Peckham, W.Kent

Crewkerne, Somerset ST44780883 6F

Private garden, Lambs Green, Dorset

Kingston Old Railway NR, Cambs TL33855585 7F

Langton Matravers, Dorset SY99967689 1F

Irchester, Northants SP93856516  38F

10 July

Houghton Bridge, W.Sussex TQ02601177  1F

Durlston NNR, Dorset SZ02847714  46F

Storrington, W.Sussex TQ07551402 13F

Private garden, Easons Green, E.Sussex

Finemere Wood, Bucks SP71832186  1M

Crooksbury Common, Farnham, Surrey SU889453 6F

Shawford, S.Hants SU47232473  9F

Newbourne, E.Suffolk TM27384329  1F

Buxton Heath, E.Norfolk TG172221 2F

9 July

Beddington Park, Surrey TQ294657 3F

Pembury, W.Kent TQ62324153 6F

Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, NS17735461  1F

Badminston, Fawley, Hants SU46470197  5F

Caldecote, Cambs TL35045892  2F

Grangelands NR, Lower Cadsden,Bucks  SP826047  2M

Stags Head, Llangeitho, Ceredigion SN63685902  2F 13L

Grovely Wood, Wilton, Wilts SU06883260  6F 1M

Ugford, Ditchampton, Wilts SU080321  29F 4M

Spade Oak NR, Little Marlow, Bucks SU882874  12F 1L 3M

Winsham, Somerset ST37920658 

Derwenlas, Powys, Montgomeryshire SN71549900

8 July

Bovisand, Plymouth, Devon SX49325053  3F

Wheatley Wood, Rayleigh, S.Essex TQ78789120  1F

Twitchen, N.Devon SS79043038  9F

Ashdown Forest, E.Sussex TQ44163264  3F

South Hole, Devon SS22072021  2F

Uckfield, E.Sussex  TQ485216  2F

Dersingham Bog, Norfolk  TF676289 36F

Eype, Dorset SY44589116  20F

Martlesham Heath, E.Suffolk TM23934559  1F

Eastbourne, Sussex TV58769826  14F

Private garden, Middle Wallop, N.Hants

Pegsdon Hills NR, Beds TL12103010  12F

Upper Upnore, W.Kent TQ75477048  2F

Loxwood, Sussex TQ04193133  32F

Badminston, S.Hants SU465019 1M

Whiteleaf Cross, Bucks SP821041  20F 1M

Pillaton, E.Cornwall SX366637  8F

Benfield NR, Shoreham, W.Sussex TQ26240770  100F 2M

Stockwood, N.Somerset ST62736912  14F

Gare Hill, Frome, N.Somerset ST7790839853  1F

Coombe Hill SSSI, Wotton under Edge, Glocs ST763941  540F

Cheriton, Glamorgans SS44049304  2F

Bernwood Forest, Bucks SP61541098 1M

Newton Ferrers, S.Devon SX55254874  3F

Thurston, W.Suffolk TL94176487  1F

Bridgnorth, Shropshire  SO71959394  3F

Great Tor, Penmaen, Glamorgans SS52948822  1F 

Winchester, Hants SU48382747  16F

Parkend, Whitecroft, W.Glocs SO61220850  2F

7 July

Private garden, Medmenham, Bucks

Inchbrook, Woodchester, Glocs SO84060094 3F

Budletts Common, Uckfield, E.Sussex TQ470228  2F

Nutbourne Common, Pulborough W.Sussex TQ07441805 3F

Private land, Ewhust, Surrey

Pulborough, W.Sussex TQ04291907  1F 1M

Lulworth Cove, Dorset  SY82348014  50F

Private land, South Hole, Devon 

Swinbrook, Oxon  SP28011215  17F

Markland Grips, Clowne, Derbys SK512753 44F

NT Marley Common, Haslemere, Sussex SU88703130  1F

Chobham Common NNR, Surrey SU994638  5F

Hardown, Morcombelake, Dorset SY40519441  27F

Charlton Kings Common, E.Glocs SO961185 11F

Ladies Mile NR, Brighton, Sussex TQ31680923  100F 1M

Bainton, Cambs TF09670639  5F

Aldbury Nowers, Herts SP95471342  3F

Winding Stonard, New Forest, Hants SU23761144  44F

South Stoke, N.Somerset ST74376131  2F

Spreading Oak, New Forest, Hants SU23931072 23F

Fritham Cross, New Forest, Hants SU23881013 13F

Yawl, S.Devon SY31759497  5F

Brockweir, W.Glocs SO54670185  2F  

Whiteford NNNR, Llanmadoc, Glamorgan SS441943 3F

Ditchampton, S.Wilts SU08893212 37F 2M

St Wulstans NR, Malverm, Worcs SO78424141  2F

6 July

Hughenden, Bucks SU858956  1F

Lewes, E.Sussex TQ42531004  9F

Porthcawl, Glamorgan SS848771  84F

Keymer, Clayton, E.Sussex TQ31611350  6F

Magor Marsh, Monmouthshire ST42758665  10F 2M

Stowe NT,  Bucks 12F (not publicly accessible at night)

Frogmore Lakes, St Albans, Herts TL14880339  19F

Aston Rowant NR, Lewknor, Oxon SU726976  60F 1M

5 July

Bransford, Worcs SO79595292  25F

Claypits, New Forest, Hants SU22871564  8F

Emersons Green, W.Glocs ST67917697  8F

Braziers Wood, Ipswich, Suffolk TM18394120 3F 1M

Hertingfordbury, Herts TL31291174  2F

Ewins Hill, Aldbourne, N.Wilts SU259742  51F 1M

Private Garden, Broadoak, Sussex

East Panson, N. Devon SX36909231  23F

Malvern Wells, Worcester SO79164196  8F 1M

4 July

Charmouth, Dorset SY3560993405  9F

3 July

Branscombe, Devon SY20538812 1F

Leybourne Lakes CP, W.Kent TQ70506024  6F 

Withy Woods, Gillingham, Dorset ST8057925887  4F

Cold Norton, S.Essex TL84990036 8F

Stow Maries, S.Essex TQ8289699265  3F

Private Land, Leechpool, Monmouthshire

Gardeners Hill, South Heighton, E.Sussex TQ46130297 5F

Holmebridge, Wareham,Dorset SY89458732  4F

2 July

Palestine, Grateley, N.Hampshire SU26464105 1F

Private garden, Fishpond Bottom, Dorset

Blaxall Common, Suffolk TM38485631  1F

Badbury Rings, Shapwick, Dorset ST96350312  23F

Painswick, Glocs SO86761204  8F

Whitty Hill, Uplyme, Devon SY3257895167  1F

Rodborough Common, Stroud, W.Glocs SO84750415  5F

Adisham, E.Kent TR227543 1F

Nicholaston Burrows, Glamorganshire SS52208808  1F

1 July

Private land, Sutton Heath, E.Suffolk

Northchapel, W.Sussex SU95282936 1F

Cannonhill Plantation, Wimborne Minster, Dorset SU04820121 2F

Marridge Hill, N.Wilts SU28407477  1F

Heartwood Forest, Harpenden, Herts TL15141147 3F

Wigwell NR, Charlbury, Oxon SP35742048  8F

Evesham, Worcs SP02924411  14F

Upper Upnor, Kent TQ75477048  1F

Drefach, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SN52601307  1F

Westhope, Hereford, SO46985089 6F

Butterrow, Stroud, Glocs SO85810364  8F

Fall Bay, Rhossili, Glamorgan SS41388742  15F 

Taunton, Somerset ST286260 5F

30 June

Martin Down NNR, Hants SU04201953  52F 4M

Private Land, Monks Wood, Huntingdon

Normans Bay, E.Sussex TQ67570532 1F

Private land, Charmouth, Dorset

West Bexington, Dorset SY53278706 1F

29 June

Upper Beeding, W.Sussex TQ20451062  5F

Private garden, Bramfield, E.Suffolk

West Stafford, Dorset  SY724894 1F 

Thursley Common, Surrey SU90354073  2F

Mount Edgcumbe CP, Torpoint, Cornwall SX45815213  1F

Langdale Forest, Bickley, NE Yorks SE922928  3F 

Porthkerry CP, Barry, Glamorgan ST08556652  2F

28 June

Private Garden, Syreford, E.Glocs

Woodmancote, W.Sussex TQ23841389 1F

Iping Common, Hants  SU84712208  3F

Wootton, Berks SP47140171  8F

Bedgebury Forest, Kent TQ730316  1F

Cringleford, E.Norfolk TG18970496  3F

Aldringham Walks, Thorpeness, E.Suffolk TM467613  2M

Dawlish Warren, Devon SX98147919  1M

27 June

Oaken Wood, Peasmarsh, E.Sussex TQ86992397 1F 

Woodrow, Sturminster Newton, Dorset ST75911087 2F

Kenilworth Common, Warwickshire SP29817313  1F 

California, Dunstable Downs, Beds TL00642120 21F 1M

Corris Uchaf, Merionethshire SH74500878  1F

Holmsley, New Forest, Hants SU21900153  9F

Hodnet, Shropshire SJ62172800 5F

Benfield NR, Shoreham, W.Sussex TQ26240770  16F

26 June

Long Hill, The Sands, Surrey SU88654578  1F 

Calstock Wetlands, Cornwall SX44136820 16F

Private garden, Upper Wyke, Malvern, Worcs 

Winchester, Hants SU48282772  1F

Ashford in the Water, Derbys SK183698  1F 1M

Wilton, S.Wilts SU10283181 34F

Private land, Westhumble, Surrey 

Slufters Underpass, New Forest, S.Hants SU23600970 5F

Pulborough Brooks RSPB, Wiggonholt, Sussex TQ060164  5F 2M

Moorlinch, Somerset ST39673660 1F

Wheathill Plantation, Budleigh, S.Devon SY04198470  1F

25 June

Newton CP, NE Yorks SE815933 1F

North Cheriton, S.Somerset ST68692572  1F 

Private land, SIlver Hill, E.Sussex

Oughtonhead NR, Hitchin, Herts TL17153069 4F 2L

24 June

Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire  SN684326 2F

Burwash, E.Sussex TQ67382342 1F

Ham Hill CP,  Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset  ST47831717 1F 

Mancombe, S.Somerset ST42611047  1F

Coombs Dale, Calver, Derbys SK224740  3F 11M

Bolnore, Haywards Heath, E.Sussex TQ31962331  1F

Kings Forest, W.Suffolk TL82657318  6F

Bradenham, Bucks SU82829705  1L by day

Private garden, Lower Dicker, E.Sussex

Private garden, Portesham, Dorset

Traeth Gwyn, Anglesey SH60468190  1F 

23 June

Coombsdale, Derbys SK214740 1F

Claverton, N.Somerset ST79066395  3F

New Alresford, N.Hampshire SU57523220 1F

Farmham, Dorset ST95841512  1F

Newbold on Avon, Warks SP48437671  4F

Aston Rowant NR, Lewknor, Oxon SU726976  4M

Brechfa, Carmarthenshire SN548313  4F 1M

22 June

Private Garden, Ansty, S.Wilts

Tidenham Chase, W.Glos ST559987 1F

Lathkill Dale SSSI, Derbys SK183659  3F 5M

Overhaddon Common, Derbys SK197661  1M

Cathiron, Warks, SP469783  3F

Dalby Forest, N.Yorks SE85288488 8F

Lower Soudley, W.Glos SO65951045 3F

21 June

Luppitt, Devon ST168067  2F 

Flackwell Heath, Loudwater, Bucks SU90319009 2M

Clay Hill, New Forest, Hants SU23180240 1F

Goatspen Plain, New Forest, Hants SU22430204  1F

20 June

NT Petts Wood, Orpington, W.Kent TQ45286862 2F 

Sherford, S.Devon SX77554446  6F

Tutters Hill, Cheddar, Somerset ST46255408  1F

Tiddesley Woods, Pershore, Worcs SO92744533  2F

19 June

Chartham, Kent TR105555 2F 

East Bergholt, E.Suffolk TM0600535512  1F

Bramshill Plantation N.Hampshire SU749615  2F

Gang Mine NR, Steeple Grange, Derbys SK2866755685  1F 

Letty Green, Herts TL28911110  1F

Wye Dale SSSI, King Sterndale, Derbys SK098723  8F 20M

18 June

Woodrow, Dorset ST75911088 1F 

Little Blackenham, Suffolk TM10834890 1F

Chorleywood, Herts  TQ03709722  2F

Chalfont St Peter, Bucks  SU97488997  1L

Eastleigh Wood, Warminster, S.Wilts ST88794319  1F 

Hicks Park Wood, North Brewham,.Somerset ST74613765 3F

17 June

Crickley Hill, E.Glos SO927162  1F

Cannon Hill, Wimborne Minster, Dorset  SU04910113  1F 1M

Theberton, Suffolk TM44386621  1F

Coxbench, Derbys SK369428  1F 3M

Euston, Thetford, Suffolk TL88517939  2F 

Plaistow, W.Sussex TQ00863041 1F

16 June

Oare, E.Kent TR00386243 3F

Little Chesterford, N.Essex TL52034111  1F

South Milton, S.Devon SX69754292  1F 1M

Private land, Furnace, Cardiganshiref

Kingsbridge, S.Devon SX73004449 1F

Awre, Blakeney, W.Glos SO66530715 1F

Private land, Llandevenny, Magor, Monmouthshire 

Private garden, Lower Soudley, W.Glos

15 June

Bedwyn Brail, Wilton, S.Wilts SU28156205  2F

Private Garden, Stony Littleton, N.Somerset 

West Quantoxhead, N.Somerset ST115412  1F

Clowne Greenway, Cresswell, Derbys SK51747520  2F

Private Land, Abergaveny, Monmouthshire

Private garden, Howstead, Somerset

Endon, Staffs SJ93295365  5F

Godreccynen, Carmarthenshire SN354222  1M

Belaugh, Norfolk, TG288184 1F

Ae Forest, Dumfrieshire NX98209000  1F 

Parkhurst Forest, Isle of Wight SZ47318982 2F

Aisholt Common, Somerset ST18143590 1F 

14 June

Wittering, Northants TF04250167  1F

Woolaston Woodside, W.Glos SO58020112 1F

Bransford, Worcs SO79595292  3F

Weybourne Heath, Norfolk TG12644204  8F 7M

Private Land, Hastings, Sussex

Putwell Hill, Brushfield, Derbys SK17847182 2F

Barossa NR, Camberley, Berks SU877637  1F

Totnes, Devon SX812592 1L

13 June

Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SJ546136 1F

Hardham, W.Sussex TQ03301721 1F

Cavendish, W.Suffolk TL81524651  1F 

12 June

Lower Assendon, Oxon SU74628471 1F

Holm Hill, Brockenhurst, S.Hants SU26290237  1F

11 June

Rodono, Peebleshire  NT239219  4F 1M

Carlton Marshes, Lowestoft, E.Suffolk TM504917   3L

Creacombe Cross, Devon SX59424981  1L by day

Rufus Stone, Upper Canterton, S.Hants SU27041254  2F

Wembury, Devon SX52454831  1F

Wheatacre, Burgh St Peter, E.Norfolk TM46059388 1F

Malltraeth, Anglesey SH4060068768  1F

Shell Island, Merionethshire SH55642628  2F

Yelverton, Devon SX389910 1F

Bittaford, S.Devon SX659559  1L by day

Brownstone, Plymouth, S.Devon SX5949 1L by day

10 June

Cranborne, Dorset SU05571344  4F

Knapp Hill, Pewsey, Wilts SU12046355  3F

Pirbright, Surrey SU94725639  1F

Private Garden, Shaftesbury, Dorset 

Meadowcliffe Pool, Cinderford, Glos SO63651533  1F 1M

Weags Bank SSSI, Manifold Valley, Staffs SK10385390 1F

9 June

Cannon Hill South, Colehill, Dorset SU04850092  2L

Cannon Hill North, Colehill, Dorset  SU04820097  1F

Private land, Heath Common, Storrington, W.Sussex 

Trefdraeth, Anglesey, SH41716974 1F 

Blakeney, Glos SO67110721  1F

Cappercleuch, Selkirk NT246231  30F

Dunkirk, Kent TR08815883  1F

Private land, Henley on Thames, Oxon

Danycoed, Meidrim, Carmarthenshire SN32861963 2F

8 June

High Wood, Burwash, E.Sussex TQ66482272  1L by day

Mare Hill, Pulborough, Sussex TQ06611814  6F

Fallgate, Ashover, Derbys SK352622 1F 

Quidhampton, Overton, Hants SU51735023  1F

Thriplow, Royston, Herts TL43584678 2F

Coed ty Mawr, Libanus, Breconshire SN98392454  29F

Great Rollright PFR, Oxon SP31783006  14F

Fern Dale, Moneyash, Derbys SK15986588  10F

Gresley Wood, Church Gresley, Leics SK2917  34F

Castle Gresley, Leics SK296168  29F

7 June

Thurston, Suffolk TL93376471  2L by day

Private Garden, Barford St Martin, S.Wilts 

Upper Vobster, Radstock, Somerset ST70024974  1F

The Fence, St Briavels, Glos SO54830548 1F

The King’s Forest, Suffolk TL826758 9F 

Southgate, Swansea, Gower Glamorgan SS55458718  3F

Alfriston, E.Sussex TQ51510349  22F

Ballard Down, Swanage, Dorset  SZ026813 6+F

Private Garden, Old Basing, Hants 

6 June

Bircher Common, Ludlow, Shrops SO47206709 1F 

Uddens Plantation, Ferndown, Dorset  SU052015  1F

Puddletown Forest, Dorset SY74309159  3F

Private Land, Norton, E.Sussex

Wyre Forest NNR, Wimperhill, Shropshire SO741764  1F

Rhydlanfair, Betws-y-Coed Denbighshire SH8301653908 6F

5 June

Darlton Quarry, Stoney Middleton, Derbys SK212756 2F 

East Gomeldon, S.Wilts SU18973535 1F 

Elan Valley Visitor Centre, Radnorshire SN929648 1F

Robin Hood, Baslow, Derbys  SK27817215 11F

Redhills Pasture, Arnside NT, Westmorland SD45397785 7F

Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset SY355934  3L

Marros, Pendine, Carmarthenshire SN206077 3F


4 June

Meanfield Woods, Shoreham, W.Kent TQ51546211  1L by day

Catsfield, Hoathybank Wood, E.Sussex TQ730147  1L by day

Eridge Green, E.Sussex TQ55883606 1F 

Oxwich Bay, Glamorgan SS50548694  3F

3 June

Battle Great Wood, E.Sussex TQ76961612 2L by day

Hemsted Forest, Benenden, Kent TQ81833600 1L by day

Private Garden, Ayleford, W.Glos

Pitton, S.Wilts SU21423146  1F

Walberton, Arundel, W.Sussex SU96320636  1F

Private Garden, Gussage St Michael, Dorset

2 June

Milltown Quarry, Derbys SK352620 6F

Beattock, Dumfriesshire NT0607405474 9F

East Hoathly, Sussex TQ51591469  1F

Winding Stonard, New Forest, Hants SU23781141 1L

Mare Hill, Pulborough, Sussex TQ06621813  1F

Diana Memorial Wood, Church Gresley, Leics SK29911761  4F

1 June

Fairwarp, E.Sussex TQ460272  1L by day

31 May

Walter’s Copse, Newtown, Isle of Wight SZ433905  1L

Hurston Mill, Storrington, W.Sussex TQ07351596 7F

30 May

Stockwood Open Space, N.Somerset ST62686916   1L by day

Thriplow, Cambs TL4363146782 1F

Downside, Eastbourne, E.Sussex TV58719967  1L by day

29 May

Haldon Forest, S.Devon SX873851  1L by day

28 May

Cannonhill Plantation, Wimborne Minster, Dorset SU04820121 1L

Private garden, Fallgate, Derbys

Gait Barrows NR, Silverdale, Lancs SD47877677 1F

Langdon Hill, Berks SU547852 1L

Clowes Wood, Whitstable, Kent TR130627 1L

27 May

Milton Creek CP, Sittingbourne, Kent TQ915649 2L by day

Loughrigg Fell, Rydal, Westmorland NY357051 1L by day

Clipstone Old Quarter, Edwinstowe, Notts SK60626692 1F 

Kingsbridge, S.Devon SX82273731  1L

26 May

Kensworthy Quarry, Dunstable, Herts TL01111967  1L

Worsham, Oxon SP298112 1L

Coniston, Westmorland NY317019  1F

Clanger Wood, Yarnbrook, S.Wilts ST87355403 1L

East Devon AONB, Sidmouth, Devon SY1488 1L by day

25 May

Chillington, S.Devon SX796425 2+L by day 

Lea Green, Grassington, Yorks SD9950865787  1L by day

Bolderwood, New Forest, Hants SU23620820 1L by day

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, Kent TQ51915665  1L by day

Willington, Beds TL10405025  1L by day

24 May

Parkhurst Forest, Isle of Wight SZ47318982 1L by day

Trench Woodland, Oddingley, Worcs SO9183059688 1L by day

Boscombe, Wilts SU19453894  1L by day

23 May

Winterbourne, E.Kent TR064579 1L by day


22 May

Three Legged Cross, Dorset SU07810642 1L by day

Milford Grange, Storrington, W.Sussex. TQ10961405  1L by day

Private Garden, Lower Soudley, W.Glos

21 May

Chapman’s Pool, Dorset SY95847725  1L by day

Cleeve Hill, E.Glos SO9931824657 1L by day

Moors Valley CP, Ashley Heath, Dorset SU10370617  1L by day

20 May

Frogmore Lakes, St Albans, Herts TL14880339  1L by day

Ivinghoe Hills, Bucks SP96041650 1L by day

Lannacombe Bay, Devon SX798370  1L by day

Chapel Hill, New Addington, Surrey TQ38536088  1L

RSPB Rainham Marshes, Essex TQ5478 1L by day

Halesworth, E.Suffolk TM39017733 1L

19 May

Ivybridge, S.Devon SX65735644 1L by day

Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down, E.Sussex TQ53572396 1L by day

Rowberrow Warren, Shipham, N.Somerset ST456578 1L by day

Denge Wood, E.Kent TR100522 1L

Dunstable Downs, Beds TL004197 1L

South Hooe NR, Devon SX42386563 1L by day

Prestbury Hill, Glocs SO991247 1L by day

18 May

Yarningdale Common, Warks, SP19196604  2L

Loddiswell, S.Devon SX721487 1L by day

Chillington, S. Devon SX796425 1L by day 

Covert Wood, Barham, Kent TR188483 1L by day

Broadwater Warren, E.Sussex TQ55823657  1L by day

17 May

Diana Memorial Wood, Church Gresley, Leics SK29911761  1L by day

Warton Crag RSPB, W.Lancs  SD489725 1L by day

Mallard Pike, Forest of Dean, W.Glos SO637093  1L

Private Garden, Woolaston, W.Glos 

Slade Wood, Monmouths ST45108931 1L by day

Queens Wood Dymock, Gorsley, Herefords SO677282 1L by day

The Pells, Lewes, E.Sussex TQ412108 1L by day

Ingleby Bottoms, NE Yorks NZ60260324 1L by day 

16 May

High and Over, E.Sussex TQ51030099  4L

Hurston Mill, Storrington, W.Sussex TQ0734615975  1L by day

15 May

S.Devon AONB, Woodleigh, Kingsbridge, Devon SX7349 1L

Curry Mallet, Somerset  ST32412179 1L by day

Wilton, S.Wilts SU10633142  1L by day

Cockington, S.Devon SX89136437 1L by day

14 May

Markland Grips, Clowne, Derbys SK512753  8L by day

Castor Hanglands, Northants TF11400222 1L by day 

13 May

Fairbourne, Merioneth SH61141217  1L by day

Yarner Wood, Bovey Tracey, S..Devon SX787789  1L by day 

11 May

Castle Cary, Somerset  51.079N, 2.548W  1L by day

10 May

Stags Head, Llangeitho, Ceredigion SN63685902  8L 

Fishpond, Dorset SY36259791 1L by day

Markland Grips, Clowne, Derbys SK512753 5L by day

8 May

Grovely Hill, Wilton, S.Wilts SU086316 1L by day

Adisham, E.Kent TR21075314  1L by day

Foxley Woods, Norfolk  TG05102278  1L by day

7 May

Top Lodge, Corby, Northants SP97969828  1L by day

Markland Grips, Clowne, Derbys SK512753 5L by day

Porth Iago, Penrhyn Mawr, Caernarvonshire SH167318  1L by day

Trench Wood, Oddingley, Worcs SO92265874 1L by day


6 May

Ditchampton, S.Wilts SU08893212 1L by day  

5 May

Rackham Hill, W.Sussex TQ0508312341  1L by day

4 May

Kenfig Pool, Pyle,  Glamorgan  SS7981 1L by day

Cuckoo Trail, Hellingly, E.Sussex TQ58411172  1L by day

2 May

Winterbourne, Boughton Street, E.Kent TR06285758 1L by day 

Hickmans Green, Boughton Street, E. Kent TR066584  1L by day 

1 May

Badminton, Fawley, Hants SU46550189 1L by day

Tideswell Dale, Derbys SK15357373 1L by day 

Burfield Estate, Hellingly, E.Sussex TQ587115 1L by day

30 April

Pulborough Brooks RSPB, W.Sussex TQ05981654  1L 

Martin’s Haven, Pembroke SM760088  1L by day

29 April

Allington, Wilts SU21253893  2+L by day

Newton Tony, Wilts SU22443948  2+L by day 

Benfield Hill, Hove, W.Sussex TQ2622507916 1L by day

27 April

Ashdown Forest, Dodds Hill, E.Sussex TQ44912721  1L by day

26 April

Cranborne Chase, Dorset SU046152  1L by day

25 April

Carymore Environmental Centre, N.Somerset ST6131 1L by day 

24 April

Spindlebrook Farm, Modbury,  S.Devon SX66515270  1L by day

23 April

Grovely Woods, Wilton, S.Wilts  SU06673320  1L by day

Buckland St.Mary, Somerset ST2691113131  1L by day  

21 April

Calstock Wetlands, Cornwall SX44136820 2L by day 

20 April

Broadland CP, Norfolk TG18151714  1L by day

19n April

Potten Woods, Potten,  Beds  TL246500  1L by day

Lewes Railway Land NR, E.Sussex  TQ42050990  1L by day 

18 April

Strumpshaw, Norwich, E.Norfolk   TG335065  1L by day

Kimble, Bucks  SP827051 3L by day

Oxwich, Glamorgan  SS501872  1L by day

7 April

Newborough Warren NNR, Anglesey SH413629  1L by day