Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Survey Reports 2017

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f = glowing females, m = males, l = larvae. * = Site not previously reported. NR = nature reserve. Date of maximum numbers only is shown. Links are given only for publicly accessible sites. Please note that the arrows on the linked maps are only accurate to within 100-200 metres, so do not go on to private land or a garden on the basis of the arrow alone. Information is supplied on the basis of reports received and we can't guarantee that you will see any!
For more information about the UK Glow Worm Survey or to report where you've seen one, please go to

5 November
Bicton Common, S Devon, SY0416485884, 1 larva under refuge

29 October
Porthkerry Park, Glamorganshire, ST0856651 larva under refuge

24 October
Haldon Forest Park, Devon, SX88558534, 2l glowing

19 October
St John's Common, Ashdown Forest, E Sussex, TQ502313 3l glowing at 6 am

14 October
Shell Island, Llanbedr, Gwynedd, SH557258, 1l glowing

24 September
Wembury Point NR, Devon, SX502485, 1f
23 September
Ranscombe Farm Reserve, Kent, TQ697681, 1l
Linton. Cambs, TL56104641, 2l

19 September
Tarn Hows, Cumbria, NY33290045*, 10l glowing

2 September
Pheasant's Hill, Bucks, SU78338715, 1f
Exmouth, Devon, SX9990682249, 1f
Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, ST82206052*, 1f (also one seen in June)

1 September
Blackheath, Surrey, TQ03234640, 3f, 1l

30 August
Shouldham Warren, Norfolk, TF680102, 3f

29 August
Uckfield, E Sussex, TQ48061948, 1f

28 August
Purley on Thames, Berks, SU656764, 2f (1 km apart)
Box Hill, Surrey, TQ17835114, 1f
Leather Tor, Burrator, Devon, SX5674269815, 10 l

27 August
Vellandreath Valley, Sennen Cove, Cornwall, SW36142655, 1f
Skirfare Bridge, Wharfedale, Yorks, SD97066928*, large number of larvae

26 August
North Cheriton, Somerset, ST694259, 2f

25 August
Exe Trail, Exmouth, Devon, SX99678257, 12f

24 August
Hayle Cricket Club, Cornwall, SW55523816, 1f
Drakes Meadow, Stoke Hill, Exeter, Devon,  SX93969500, 1f

23 August
Barton-on-Sea Golf Course, Hants, SZ25149272*, 1f
St John's Campsite, Exmouth, Devon, SY02738324, 1f

22 August
Bradenham, Bucks, SU82719774*, 5l
Mottistone Mill, Brighstone, IoW, SZ42308361, 1f
Hayle Towans, Cornwall, SW55163815, 1f

19 August
Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge, Kent, TQ57044594, 3f
Polurrian Cove, Cornwall, SW67061904, 4f
Blandford Camp, Dorset, ST92560845, 4f
Durlston Head, Swanage, Dorset, SZ03297712, 1f
Woodhouse Lane, Uplyme, Devon, SY316934, 1f

17 August
Rainbow Lane, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, TQ701818, 1f

16 August
Burham, Kent, TQ7327162032, 2f
Cannington Lane, Uplyme, Devon, SY31699259, 1f
Pitstone, Bucks, SP 94170 14795, 1f

15 August
Betteshanger, Kent, garden, 1f
Low Ham, Somerset, garden, 1f
Whatman Park, Maidstone, Kent, TQ75465663, 2f
Downs Link, Henfield, Sussex, TQ205163, 6f

14 August
Dimmer Bridge, Castle Cary, Somerset, ST62763199, 6f
Prince's Coverts, Oxshott, Surrey, TQ15826127, 1f

13 August
Derehams Lane, Loudwater, Bucks, SU90489119, 1f
Kit Hill. Selling, E Kent, TR0388357937, 3f
St Arilda's churchyard, Oldbury-on-Severn, Glos, ST60569153, 5f
Tregaron Bog, Ceredigion, SN68446194, 1 larva by day

12 August
Hadleigh Castle. Essex, TQ81058600, 1f
Whitchurch-on-Thames, Oxon, SU64677772, 2f
Low Ham, Somerset, ST43032970, 5f, 1m

11 August
Knettishall Heath Country Park, TL9541880699, 1 larva by day
Baythorne End, Suffolk, TL72304343, 1f
Avoncliff, Wilts, ST81266042, 2f
Steanbow, Somerset, ST57714027, 2f
Perranporth Sands, Cornwall, SW75945463, 2f

10 August
Spade Oak NR. Bucks, SU882874, 52f, 2m, 1l (seen over 2.0 km walk)

8 August
Dundon, Somerset, private land, 1f
Baldslow, E Sussex, garden, 1f, 1l
Challaborough Bay, Devon, SX65024473, 8f
Sennen Cove, Cornwall, garden, 5f

7 August
Littlebourne, Kent, TR20645834, 1f
Farleigh Hungerford, Wilts, ST80985803, 2f
Fairmile Bottom, Slindon, W Sussex, SU9800308947, 1f

6 August
Hayle Towans, Cornwall, SW553381, 1f

5 August
Westhall churchyard, Suffolk, TM42318043, 1f plus another in lane
Lower Basildon, Berks, private land, 1f
Priory Wood public open space, Tonbridge, Kent, TQ59114487, 2f
Kingston, S Devon, SX636471, 18f

4 August
West Charleton, Devon, garden, 1f
Alford, Somerset, ST608317, 18f
East Ebb, Beer, Devon, SY23258914, 5f
Holywell sand dunes, Cornwall, SW76625914, 1f
St Helens churchyard, IoW, SZ62528992, 22f

3 August
Holmsley campsite, New Forest, Hants, SZ219995, 2f, 1l

2 August
Sheffield Bottom, Theale, Berks, SU64807021, 3f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Seend, Wilts, ST93866153, 2f

1 August
Gorran, Cornwall, SW998432, 1f

31 July
Kennet and Avon Canal, Bowerhill, Wilts, ST91806100, 1f
Pitney, Somerset, ST45242811, 12f in and near village
The Warren, Glos, ST55129288, 12f, 10l

30 July
Stoke Hill, Exeter, Devon, SX94179487, 1f, 1m, 1l
Battle, E Sussex, TQ76941656, 1f
Branscombe, Devon, SY21148809, 1f
Kit Hill, Selling. E Kent, TR04075805, 4f
South Milton, Devon, SX676411, 2f
Pheasant Meadow, Hassocks, Sussex, TQ304148, 3f

29 July
Blackrock, Keynsham, Somerset, ST623659, 1f
Velmead Common, Church Crookham, Hants, SU82325354, 1f
Woolston, Somerset, private land, 1f
Bearsted, Kent, TQ80715552, 1f
Freshwater East, Pembs, SS01719785, 1f, 5l
Sayers Common, W Sussex, garden, 4f
Etchingham, E Sussex, private land, 2f
Laughton, E Sussex, garden, 1f

28 July
Lydford-on-Fosse, Somerset, ST57103051, 2f
Dorridge Hill, Hyde, Hants, SU17791163, 1f
Croxley Green, Herts, TQ08319510*, 2f
Downs Link, Two Mile Ash, W Sussex, TQ14612727, 12f in ½ mile
Oare Gunpowder Works, Faversham, Kent, TR000622, 6f, 2l
Chittoe Heath, Wilts, ST96266741, 1f

27 July
Brook, Shere, Surrey, garden, 1f
Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, Somerset, ST28832624, 10f
Coldblow, Woodchurch, E Kent, TQ963352, 2f
Winspit, Worth Matravers, Dorset, SY97607614, 10f
Noss Mayo, Devon, SX 55126 47187, 2f
By RR12 footbridge, Strood, Kent, TQ 72925 68290, 2f (approx number and date)
Brook, IoW, SZ384836, number not stated.

26 July
Castle Cary, Somerset, ST63363410, 1f
Alhampton, Castle Cary, Somerset, garden, 1f
Brotheridge Green, Worcs, SO814413, 2f
Cliffe Pools, Kent, TQ732767, 2f
Broad Oak, Kent, garden, 7f
Ocknell Pond, New Forest, Hants, SU23541180, 1f
Wootton, IoW, private land, 2f
Beer Head Caravan Park, Seaton, Devon, SY226887, 3f

25 July
B2045, Faversham, Kent, TQ99776129, 100f
Hartslock NR, Oxon, SU61987936, 20f
Gatehampton Rd, Goring, Oxon, SU60977976, 2f
Ardingly Reservoir, E Sussex, TQ33372963, 4f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Bowerhill, Wilts, ST922614 and ST930614, 31f between two locations

24 July
Turners Hill. E Sussex, TQ34963627, 20f
Halnaker, W Sussex, SU91820888, 7f
Shapwick Heath NR car park, Somerset, ST44873968, 1f
Pilton, Wilts, ST58964145, 6f

23 July
Whitehouse Lane, Wooburn Moor, Bucks, SU912901, 9f
Hope Cove, Devon, private land, 2f
Seaton Marshes, Devon, SY24779060, 1f
Homersfield, Suffolk, private land, 1f
Walberswick, Suffolk, garden, 2f
Llangennith, Gower, Glam, SS413909, 1f

22 July
Three Oaks, Kent, garden, 3f
Reen Sands, Perranporth, Cornwall, SW759552, 35f, 4m
Lady Belt Park, E Carleton, Norfolk, TG168027, 1f
Cherry Hinton East Pit, Cambs, TL484556, 18f
Portland Bill, Dorset, SY681686, 1f
Lamberhurst, E Sussex, private land, 2f
Walter's Copse, Newtown, IoW, SZ430905, 3f

21 July
Greet, Kent, private land, 1f
Sheepleas, W Horsley, Surrey, TQ08825251, 1f
Kingsand, Cornwall, SX43585100, 8f
RSPB wildlife garden, Purfleet, Essex, TQ54797877, 2f

20 July
Gt Blakenham, Suffolk, garden, 1f
Somerton, Somerset, ST485281, 19f, 1m
St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch, Dorset, SZ13829603, 7f
Silver Hill, Salehurst, E Sussex, garden, 2f, 1l
Pitney, Somerset, ST456290, 3f
Pitney, Somerset, ST451285, 8f
Pitney, Somerset, ST46212945, 1f
Minsmere, Suffolk, TM46366727, 1f

19 July
Robertsbridge, Sussex, garden, 1f
Ashwell and Morden Station, Herts, TL296386, 2f
Angmering, Sussex, TQ073053, 1f
Brooks Green, W Sussex, garden, 1f
Stockbridge, Hants, garden, 1f
The Old Weighbridge, Ruardean Walk, Glos, SO63751543, 1f
Westleton Heath, Suffolk, TM451693, 1l
Bishop's Glen, Dunoon, Argyll, NS165766*, 3f
Clumber Park, Notts, SK627762, 10f (approximate location)

18 July
Sedlescombe, Sussex, TQ79101782, 20f
Orchard Portman fishing lake, Somerset, ST24911950, 1f
Lodsworth, Sussex, garden, 1f
Carisbrooke, IoW, SZ479881, 2f
Kenilworth Common, Warks, SP298731, 6f
Shermanbury, W Sussex, garden, 1f, 1m

17 July
Potters Corner, Ashford, Kent, TQ99324476, 1f
Upper Slaughter churchyard, Glos, TQ99324476, 1f
Queens Valley Reservoir, Jersey, 49.19788N 2.04262W, 10f
Hall Road, Wouldham, Kent, TQ71306351, 17f
Norbury Park, Surrey, TQ151546, 6f
Grand Union Canal, Boxmoor Herts, TL035062, 11f
Marrick Park, Richmond, Yorks, SE09149816, 3f
Draycott, Somerset, private land, 3f
May Hill churchyard, Glos, SO70812058, 4f
Robinswood Hill Country Park, Glos, SO839145, 3f
Sharpthorne, E Sussex, TQ37543397, 1f
Harmans Cross, Dorset, garden, 2f

16 July
Darland Banks, Kent, TQ78206618, 10f
Itchingwood Common, Oxted, Surrey, garden, 4f
Holborough, Kent, garden, 1f
Lower Dittisham, Devon, garden, 2f
Fovant, Wilts, garden, 3f
Chiltington Lane, E Chiltington, Sussex, TQ38141548, 5f
Hambledon Hill, Dorset, ST844124, 12f
Handcross, Sussex, garden, 1f
Moorden Lane, Chiddingstone Causeway, Kent, TQ52194643, 8f
Lulworth Cove car park, Dorset, SY82337992, 1f
Orchard Way, Sedlescombe, Sussex, TQ78201832, 1f
Butser Hill, Hants, SU71501925, 15f
Aylesford, Kent, private land, 1f
Cockhill, Castle Cary, Somerset, ST626316, 27f over a mile of lanes
Cadley, Wilts, SU2085966523, 1f
Burwash, Sussex, TQ66452419, 1f

15 July
Kennet and Avon Canal, Bowerhill, Wilts, ST91876107, c.20f
Whippingham Station, IoW, SZ52749146, 7f
Yarlington, Somerset, ST663292, 14f
Upper Stoke, Medway, Kent, private land, 3f
Laughton Common–Vert Wood, Sussex, TQ499141, 3f
Etchingham, E Sussex, TQ70752593, 1f
Wokefield Common, Burghfield Common, Berks, SU649660, 1f
Bonnington, E Kent, garden, 3f
Yaverland, IoW, SZ61758532, 1f
Lockerley, Hants, garden ,1f
Nuney Green, Oxon, SU67147908, 1f
Hyde Common, New Forest, Hants, SU17141270, 1f
E Chiltington, Sussex, TQ38141548, 4f
Denmead, Hants, SU63871256, 1f
Wrecclesham, Surrey, SU819449, 6f
North Cadbury, Somerset, ST63682814, 4f
Grove Road cemetery, Whimple, Exeter, Devon, SY05009700, 5f
St Peter's churchyard, Holton, Suffolk, TM402778, 4f
Oldbury Hill, Kent, TQ57635625, 1f
Claylands Rd, Bishops Waltham, Hants, SU54751809, 5f
Stow Maries, Essex, TQ835991, 5f, 30l
Underhill Wood NR, Wilts, ST86503072, 4f

14 July
Cockwood, Devon, garden, 2f
Thursley, Surrey, SU89703976, 1f
Swinbrook churchyard, Oxon, SP279121, 4f
Grange Farm, Gosport, Hants, SU58360037, 5f (NB -- limited access)
Nine Barrow Down, Swanage, Dorset, SZ00538091, 1f
Carisbrooke Castle, IoW, SZ48478771, 1f
Cissbury, Sussex, TQ156081, 13f in 1 km
High Halden, Kent, private land, 1f
Strete Gate to Slapton Bridge, Devon, SX831449, 17f, 1l
Great Lodge Drive, Savernake Forest, Wilts, SU2225566790, 2l
Sawpit Drive, Savernake Forest, SU217660, 1f

13 July
Alfriston, Sussex, private land, 50f
West Milton, Dorset, garden, 1f
Lizard Point, Cornwall, SW70461198, 4f
Barton's Green Playing Fields, Havant, Hants, SU73180849, 8f
Eckington, Worcs, SO924407, 1f
Spreading Oak, New Forest, Hants, SU23961074, 2f
Fritham Cross, New Forest, Hants, SU24021069, 4f
Bulbourne, Herts, private land, 1f
Bax Castle, Downs Link, TQ14752710, 2f
Brading, IoW, garden, 2f
Ninham, IoW, SZ57868275, 2f

12 July
Faversham, Kent, garden, 2f
Sherborne Common, Dorset, ST62381535, 1f
Llanmadoc, Gower, Glam, garden, 1f
Ingleby Incline Old Railway, Yorks, NZ5958204672, 7f
Creigiau Llanymynech, Montgomerys, SJ26412162, 1f
St Luke's Churchyard, Chiddingstone Causeway, Kent, TQ52154650, 3f
Station Hill, Penshurst, Kent, TQ52024627, 3f
Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants, SU38215353, 2f
Wildgrounds NR, Gosport, Hants, SU58000063, 1f (NB -- access restricted)
Penhale Sands, Cornwall, private land, 1f
Firestone Copse, Havenstreet, IoW, SZ557908, 1 m to moth trap
Heybrook Bay, Devon, SX 49256 48975, 5f
Three Oak Hill Drive, Savernake Forest, Wilts, SU23396531, 2f
Colaton Lane, Thorverton, Devon, SS928025, 19f

11 July
Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon, SX65034462, 10f
Huntley, Glos, SO 71243 19512, 4f
Bathampton, Somerset, ST782658, 2f
Edginswell Wetland, Kingskerswell, Devon, SX878672, 10f

10 July
Kennet and Avon Canal, Trowbridge, Wilts, ST84755954, 12f
Westfield, Kent, garden, 1f
Theberton, Suffolk, TM44506619, 1f
Perranporth dunes, Cornwall, SW759553, 2f
Charleton Horethorne, Somerset, ST66872 23755, 7f
Grosmont Castle, Monmouths, SO405244, 12f
Porthtowan, Cornwall, SW696472, 2f
Witley, Surrey, SU95143895, 3f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Avoncliff, Wilts, ST80996028, 1f
Coghurst, E Sussex, garden, 2f
Shedfield, Hants, garden, 2f
Gwithian Towans, Cornwall, SW577406, 3f

9 July
Byeway 97, Harpenden, Herts, TL15281459, 1f
Athelney, Somerset, ST34292851, 1f
North Feltham, Middx, TQ11137471, 4f
West Bexington, Dorset, SY53438686, 4f, 1m
Tonbridge, Kent, TQ58284684, 1f
Tillingdown Farm, Caterham, Surrey, TQ35135576, 15f
Longhope, Micheldean, Glos, SO69171851, 9f
Shawford, Hants, SU47252475, 1f
Box Hill, Surrey, TQ174520, 1f
Happy Bottom, Corfe Mullen, Dorset, SY99679829, 1f
Witham River Walk, Essex, TL81841494, 3f
St Mary's Church, Cliffe, Kent, TQ71647420, 7f, 2m
Haydon Lane, Fifehead Major, Dorset, ST76051170, 6f
Barham, Kent, garden, 8f
Crowhurst, Sussex, TQ775127, 2f, 2l
Parkgate, Tenterden, Kent garden, 1f
Fairlight, Kent, garden, 1f
Offwell, Devon, private land, 2f
Brown's Golf Course, Sandown, IoW, SZ606849, 1f

8 July
Roughdown Common, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, TL047055, 1f
West Bexington, Dorset, SY52858671, 2f, 1m
East Knighton, Dorset, SY81368580, 1f
Linton, Cambs, TL56074642, 2f
Motcombe, Dorset, ST84312636, 4f
Branscombe, Devon, private land, 1f
Elan Valley, Powys, SN93166509, 3f
Hemsted Forest, Kent, TQ828368, 4f
Chafford Gorges, Essex, TQ599792, 15f
Cocking, Sussex, SU88331654, 30f
Brockbridge, Hants, garden*, 3f
Newbridge, IoW, SZ413875, 3f
Figsbury Ring, Wilts, SU18983390, 1f

7 July
Burraton, Devon, SX61145296, 1f
Bleadon, Somerset, private land, 9f, 1m
Martyr Worthy, Hants, SU52073302*, 1f
Stonesfield, Oxon, SP392164, 11f
Cockaynes NR, Essex, Alresford, Essex, TM05492164, 8f
Kippax, Leeds, Yorks, SE405303, 12f
Loosley Row, Bucks, SU81499945*, 2f
Holtspur NR, Beaconsfield, Bucks, SU92009047, 4f, 1m
Porthkerry Country Park, Barry, Glam, ST091672, 3f
Poundsbridge, Kent, TQ537417, 1f
Seend Cleeve, Wilts, ST933613, 5f
Cold Norton, Essex, TL84990036, 22f, 1m
Pheasants, Bucks, garden, 1f
Parkhurst Forest, IoW, no accurate position reported, 5m to moth trap
Seaton Hole, Devon, SY23418983, 2f

6 July
Pevensey Bay, Sussex, TQ648032, 1f
A616, Markland Grips, Derbys, SK 512 753, 24f
Hartland Moor NNR, Dorset, SY96088502, 1f
Rowly, Surrey, garden, 1f
The Ride, Plymouth, Devon, SX506546, 2f
Woldingham, Surrey, garden, 8f
A4155, Medmenham, Bucks, SU801846, 1f, 4m
Highsted, Kent, garden, 2f
Sway, Hants, SZ28149884, 1f
Swift's Hill, Glos, SO87680682, 8f
Wanborough, Surrey, SU 92045 49636, 1f
Offham, Sussex, garden, 4f
Alkham, Kent, TR24844178, 1f
Wisborough Streen, Sussex, private land, 1f
Whitecross Green Wood, Bucks, SP602146, 15f, 8m (6m to lure)

5 July
Dinton, Wilts, garden, 1f, 1l
St Briavels Common, Glos, garden, 1f
Holden Head, Countisbury, Devon, SS75370 49195, 2f
Glenan Bay, Argyllshire, NR92197044, 20f
Lathkill Dale NNR, Monyash, Derbys, SK161661, 13f, 8m, 1l
Down Lane and Wimborne St Giles Rd, Dorset, SU00201545, 12f
Haugh Wood (north), Herefs, SO588378, 7m attracted to moth trap
Finstock, Oxon, SP36561677, 6f
Iping Common, Sussex, SU84502148, 1f
Gatwick Airport, private land, 1m to bat detector light

4 July
Seend, Wilts, ST93716079, 6f
Firsdown, Wilts, SU209333, 3f
Perranporth, Cornwall, SW762545, 20f
Dunhampstead canal towpath, Worcs, SO 91676 59733, 6f
Mallards Pike, Glos, SO63740881, 1f
Strete, Devon, garden, 5f
Lakenheath, Suffolk, TL725824, 1f
A299 and Clowes Wood, Kent, TR12516433, 20f
Ickleton, Cambs, TL49684393, 3f
May Hill, Glos, garden, 2f
Toft, Cambs, TL351557, 2f
Ashenground Woods, Bolnore, E Sussex, TQ32582281, 2f

3 July
Morcombelake, Dorset, SY407938, 5f
Thurlestone Golf Course, Devon, SX67064218, 4f
Upper Wolvercote, Oxon, SP 49570 09542, 9f
North Chailey, Sussex, garden*, 1f
Taverham, Norfolk, garden, 2f
Hannafore, Looe, Cornwall, SX25295225, 6f
Dormansland, Surrey, TQ39704120, 6f
Two Mile Ash, Southwater, Sussex, TQ148270, 4f, 4l

2 July
Gin Lane, Overton, Derbys, SK346621, 5f
Long Hanborough, Oxon, private land*, 1f
Seaview, Isle of Wight, SZ629911, 1f
St Wulstan's NR, Malvern, Worcs, SO780412, 3f
Mellis churchyard, Suffolk, TM09497431, 6f
North Elmham, Suffolk, TF99152205, 4f
Addington, Kent, private land, 4f
Shipton Gorge church yard, Dorset, SY49779145, 1f
Westhope, Herefs, SO469508, 2f
Wellow, Somerset, ST72335742, 1f
Whitford, Devon, garden, 1f
Frilford Heath, Oxon, private land, 1f
Snodland, Kent, private land, 2f
Frensham, Surrey, private land, 2f
Homersfield, Suffolk, garden, 2f

1 July
Highdown Hill, Goring, Sussex, TQ0948504213, 14f
Sandridge, Herts, TL15770975*, 8f
Aldbourne, Wilts, SU255740, 6f
Pilford, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, garden, 1f
Shermanbury, Sussex, garden, 1f
Llangennith, Gower, Glam, SS419912, 1f
Cosmeston Lakes, Glam, ST17706943, 1f
Little Dartmouth, Devon, SX88234944, 4f
Bonfire Woods, Worthing, Sussex, TQ114062, 1f
Prestwood, Bucks, garden*, 2f
All Saints Church, May Hill, Glos, SO70802057, 1f
Nailsworth, Glos, SO83760070, 1f
Blyford, Suffolk, TM41337741, 4f
Hambledon Hill, Dorset, ST841122, 2f
The Warren, Glos, ST55129288, 12f, 1m, 1l
Southwick Hill, Sussex, TQ23970765, 23f
Littllebury, Essex, TL 51529 39818, 14f
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, TM354484, 20f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Claverton, Somerset, ST78756329, 20+ f
Charnwood, Leics, private land, 1f
Highfield Wood, Monks Green Herts, TL335084, 4f, 1m
Wilton, South Pool, Devon, private land, 1f
Farlington, Hants, garden, 1f
Barcombe, Sussex, private land, 1f
Grangelands and Rifle Range, Princes Risborough, Bucks, SP82720491, 1f
Westbury White Horse, Wilts, ST898516, 1f

30 June
Chatham Ski Centre car park, Kent, TQ78366492, 1f
Headley Road, Mickleham, Surrey, TQ172527, 1f
Badger Farm, Winchester, Hants, SU46332743, 1f
Worlebury, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, garden*, 1f
Ham Wall NR, Somerset Levels, ST45243957, 10f
West Stafford, Dorchester, Dorset, garden, 2f
Ashington, Sussex, garden, 1f
Toad Lane, Seething, Norfolk, TM320953, 3f
Westleton Heath, Suffolk, TM 46424 70025, 12f
Lingfield, Surrey, garden, 1f
Robertsbridge, Sussex, garden, 1f
Havant Thicket, Hants, SU721105, 20f, 3m

29 June
Sedlescombe, Sussex, garden, 1f
Oughtonhead Common, Hitchin, Herts, TL16853029, 22f
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, TM35464917, 3f
Cuckoo Trail, Polegate, Sussex, TQ58480573, 6f
Medmenham Bucks, private land, 12f
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, SU74888191, 1f
Bystock Pools, Exmouth, Devon, SY03588438, 2f

28 June
Grand Union Canal, Boxmoor, Herts, TL 03930 06136, 1f
Ridge Road, Plymouth, SX53255516, 1f
Gresley Woods, Derbys, SK297173, 18f
Laverstock, Salisbury, Wilts, SU16553088, 1f
Fawler, Oxon, SP37421698, 10f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Sells Green, Wilts, ST96336169, 5f in 1-mile stretch

27 June
Dittisham, Devon, SX 85184 54934*, 1f
West Moors, Dorset, garden, 1f
Middle Winterslow, Wilts, garden, 1f
Bishton, Monmouths, private land, 1f

26 June
Sizewell Common, Suffolk, private land, 1f
Worth Matravers, Dorset, SY973768, 6f, 2m
Polesden Lacey, Surrey, TQ13315211, 2f, 1m
Farland Point, Isle of Cumbrae, NS17195402, 18f
Allotments, West Malling, Kent, TQ67855805, 3f
Selsley Church, Stroud, Glos, SO82980375, 4f
Severn Valley Country Park, Salop, SO75428391, 4f
St Cleer, Cornwall, SX25206765, 1f
Abercegir, Mid Wales, SH79320290*, 1f

25 June
Normans Bay, Sussex, campsite, 1f
Kingsteignton, Devon, garden*, 1f
St Catherine, Somerset, garden*, 1f
Portland Bill, Dorset, SY67736826, 30f
Portland Bill, Dorset, SY67646876, 20f
Droitwich Community Woods, Worcs, SO88346209, 13f
Rowberrow, Somerset, private land, 2f
South Nutfield, Surrey, garden, 12f, 4m, 5l
Aunemouth, S Devon, SX67804434, 3f

24 June
Great Orme, Llandudno, SH763829, 843f (yes, 843!)

Track shown in orange -- not for the faint-hearted!
Kilkenny, Glos, SP0036418434, 1 larva?
Milton Creek Country Park, Kent, TQ91556495, 8f
Beeding Hill, Sussex, TQ20490978, 1f
Creech Heath, Dorset, SY929839, 5f
Gt Blakenham, Suffolk, garden, 2f
Thurlton, Norfolk, garden*, 1f
Llangennith, Glam, SS42619123, 4f
Hollington, Hastings, Sussex, garden*, 1f
Dunwich Heath, Suffolk, TM 47009 68708, 2f, 1m
Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, TM239451, 14f
Hawkwell, Essex, TQ85289256, 2f
Old Winchester Hill, Hants, SU64052057, 30f
Headley Park, Hants, SU81033844, 1f
Highfields Caldecote, Cambs, garden, 1f
Hope under Dinmore, Herefs, garden*, 1f, 1m
Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, Durston, Somerset, ST30322780, 8f
Holt Pound Inclosure, Alice Holt Forest, Hants, SU809438, 4f
Brighstone Down, Isle of Wight, SZ43248436, 2f
Durdle Door, Dorset, SY80548032, 11f, 2m
Dereham, Norfolk, garden, 1f
Rusper, Surrey, garden*, 1f
Mereworth Woods, Kent, TQ63025576, 2f
Nagshead RSPB, Forest of Dean, Glos, SO60911007, 6f
Stroud Cemetery, Glos, SO862048, 10f, 1m
Curry Mallet, Somerset, private land, 3f
Easter Hill, Dunkery Beacon, Somerset, SS90164289, 6+f
Romansleigh, S Molton, Devon, private land*, 1f
Markway Hill, New Forest, Hants, 3f, 3m (2m attracted to bat detector display)
23 June
Homestall Wood, Blean Wood, Kent, TR117587, 8f
Sandleheath, Fordingbridge, Hants, garden*, 1f
Danaway, Kent, garden, 1f
Trewoodloe, Cornwall, SX319710*, 1f
Shipton Gorge, Dorset, garden, 1f
Smallridge, Dorset, garden*, 1f
Stokeley Farm Shop, Stokenham, Devon, SX81884285*, 5f
Lickfold, Sussex, SU92492523*, 1f
Stonesfield churchyard, Oxon, SP393169, 7f plus 14 others around village
Butcher's Wood, Hassocks, Sussex, TQ3013514785*, 2f
Perranporth, Cornwall, SW76615438, 2f
Tytherington, Glos, ST67028868, 3f
Greenham Common, Berks, private land, 1f
Haylands, Isle of Wight, SZ57909131, 1f
Bull Hill, New Forest, Hants, campsite, 1f
Bossington, Somerset, SS896487*, 8f
Bucknell Wood, Salop, SO338737, 1f
Glastonbury Festival Site, Somerset, ST585385*, 1f
West Lavington, Midhurst, Sussex, garden, 2f

22 June
Stockbridge Down, Hants, SU378348, 42f, 6m seen over wide area
Wymeswold, Leics, garden*, 5f
Oakley, Beds, garden, 6f
Noss Mayo, Devon, garden*, 1f
Flushing, Cornwall, SW822339, 7f
Lydlinch, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, garden*, 1f
Newton, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, garden*, 6f
Graig Wen campsite, Gwynedd, SH65371566*, 1f
Windlesham, Surrey, garden*, 1f
Old railway line, Holmsley, New Forest, SU21870152, 2f
Sizewell, Suffolk, TM47496228, 3f
Thetford Forest, Brandon, Norfolk, TL80678823, 2f
Tavy Valley, Devon, SX46937076, 1f
Lulworth Cove, Dorset, private land, 17f

21 June
E Malling, Kent, garden, 2f
Nettlestead Green, Kent, garden*, 1f
Wirral Way, Willaston, Cheshire, SJ34897759, 2f
Barham, Kent, garden, 1f
Selsley Common, Glos, SO83000366, 6f, 2m
Elstow, Beds, garden, 1f
Dudswell, Herts, SP96141046, 2f
Storrington, Sussex, TQ09761403, 3f
King's Stag, Dorset, private land*, 1f
Brandon, Suffolk, garden*, 1f
Milton Abbas, Dorset, garden, 3f, 1m, 1l
Blackboys, Sussex, garden*, 1f
Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks, SP960168, 156f (1 hour searching from trig point)
White Horse Hill, Uffington, Berks, SU30038661, 4f
Hell Coppice, Bernwood Forest, Bucks, SP61191042*, 1f
Forest Row, Sussex, garden*, 2f
Wambrook, Dorset, garden*, 1f
Blagdon Lake, Somerset, ST51146058, 1f
Combeinteignhead, Devon, garden, 1f
Tracebridge, Ashbrittle, Somerset, garden, 2f
Bembridge Down, IoW, SZ625858, 'numerous'
Harrison's Rocks, Groombridge, Kent, TQ531358, 1f

20 June
Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon, SU724974, 61f, 5m (over large area)
Jevington, Sussex, TQ56940115*, 19f
Porth Dafarch, Anglesey, SH23437992*, 1 larva?
Haughmond Hill, Salop, SJ541134, 7f, 5m
Dunwich Heath, Suffolk, TM47736879, 1 larva?
Castell-y-Bere, Merionethshire, SH668086*, 1f
Ameysford, Dorset, garden*, 1f
Harlech, Merionethshire, SH57503055*, 1f
Shute, Devon, garden, 1f
Dinton, Wilts, garden*, 1f
West Winterslow, Wilts, SU229326, 1f, 1m
Swinley Forest, Crowthorne, Berks, SU87186538, 3f
Staple Plain, W Quantoxhead, Somerset, ST12094106, 2f
Redbrook, Monmouths, SO532105, 4f
Golden Cross, Sussex, garden, 3f, 1m
Ouaisne, Jersey, 49.1784N 2.18494W*, 10f
Letcombe Castle, Berks, SU383841, 2f, 1m
Merthyr-Mawr Warren NNR, Glam., SS87077733, 4m to MV light trap
Lackington Drove, Dorset, SY70519802, 8f
River, Dover, Kent, garden, 1f
Outside Sainsbury's, Olivers Battery, Hants, SU 46404 27627, 1f
Sharpthorne, E Sussex, TQ37023282, 1f. Site to be developed

19 June
Bourton, Wilts, ST77303147, 10f, 1m
Sedlescombe, Sussex, garden, 1f
Rhandirmwyn Camp Site, Carmarthens, SN78054339*, 2f
Bream, Glos, garden, 1f
Bulford Camp, Wilts, garden*, 3f, 1m
Longley Green, Worcs, garden*, 1f
Heyshott, Sussex, garden*, 4f
Porton, Wilts, SU19323623, 2f
Bromyard Down, Herefs, SO671564, 2m to moth trap
Silchester, Hants, private land*, 1f
Canford Heath, Dorset, SZ042960, 7f
Dolau, Llanharan, Glam, imprecise location near CF72 9SA*, 4f, 2m
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, ST35216141*, 1f
Chaffcombe, Somerset, garden, 2f
Blean Woods NNR, Kent, TR116604, 1f
Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, SH6579538768, 1f
Binsted, W Sussex, private land, 6f

18 June
Brasted Chart, Kent, garden*, 1f
Dursley, Glos, garden*, 1f
Bettws Newydd, Monmouths, garden*, 4f
Firsdown, Wilts, garden, 2f
Haugh Wood, Herefs, SO58743779, 1f
Horner Wood, Somerset, SS88914387*, 1f
Churn Hill, Blewbury, Berks, SU523836*, 1f
Chanctonbury Hill, Sussex, TQ13341199, 2f
Boldre, Hants, garden*, 1f
Whiteparish, Wilts, garden*, 1f, 1m
Crow Hill, Ringwood, Hants, SU19060415, 2f
Savernake Forest, Wilts, SU23386528*, 5f, 1m
Jerry's Hole, Herts, TL18783166, 3m

17 June
Heronsgate, Herts, private land, 3m attracted to moth trap
Sturminster Newton, Dorset, garden*, 1f
Luton–Harpenden cycle path, Herts, TL112194, 8f
St Michael's Drive, Otford, Kent, TQ 53820 59346*, 1f
Abbotstone Down, Hants, SU57783625*, 2f
Burton Bradstock, SY49798977, 2f
Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits, Cambs, TL485559, 1f
Kesgrave, Ipswich, Suffolk, garden, 1f
Stourhead, Wilts (awaiting position), 2f
Wall of Lulworth Cove Inn, Dorset, SY82288003, 1f
Cobleland Campsite, Stirling, NS 53020 98854*, 1f
Sevenoaks Common, Kent, garden*, 3f
Highfield Caldecote, Cambs, garden, 2m to moth trap
Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, SS20110200*, 1f
Stratford upon Avon to Milcote, Warks, SP183531, 10f

16 June
Hammer, Sussex, SU87173229*, 1f
Queen Down Warren, Kent, TQ828629*, 6f
Old Castle Down, Glam, SS90487567, 5f
Edburton Hill, Sussex, TQ2391126f
Padworth Common, Berks, SU630653, 2f
Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve, SS530081, 11 f/m

15 June
Great Missenden, private land by railway, 1f
Storrington, Sussex, garden, 1f, 1m
Great Blakenham, Suffolk, TM11665066, 3f
Clay Hill, Burley, Hants, SU23350232, 3f
Ashover, Derbys, SK346628, 2m to lures
Westleton Heath NR, Suffolk, TM45956959, 2f
Millersford Bottom, New Forest, Hants, SU18691658, 2f, 1m
Highgate Common, Staffs, SO83758970, 146f

14 June
The Butts, New Forest, Hants, SU21151524, 2f
Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, Anglesey, SH514717*, 6f [sorry, couldn't resist using the long version! --RS]
Boorley Green, Hants, garden*, 1f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Bowerhill, ST9216561402, 2f
Broad Chalke, Wilts, garden*, 1f, 1m
Frogham, Hants, garden*, 1f
King's Cliffe, Northants, TL00429761, 3f, 2m
Plwmp, Cardiganshire, garden*, 5f

13 June
Lands End, Berks, SU447833*, 1f
West Ginge Down, Berks, SU444837*, 1f
Thornden Wood, Kent, TR155635, females, number not stated
Bishop's Green, Berks, garden*, 3f
Warlingham, Surrey, garden*, 2f
North Warren NR, Suffolk, TM461598*, 1m to moth trap
Duddington, Northants, garden*, 1f
West Winterslow, Wilts, garden*, 2f
Charlton All Saints, Wilts, private land, 6f

12 June
Ashdown Park, Berks, private land*, 1f
Temple Ewell, Kent, garden, 1f
Kennet and Avon Canal, Avoncliffe, Wilts, ST80176001, 1f
Aldringham Common, Suffolk, garden*, 1f
Pen Y Cefn Road, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, SH729187*, 2f
Peterston-super-Ely, Glam, private land*, 26f

11 June
Bringsty Common, Herefs, SO70035444, 1f
Church Ope Cove, Portland, Dorset, SY69767118, 1f
Mellis, Suffolk, garden, 2f
Shadoxhurst, Kent, garden, 1f

10 June
Dunkeswell, Devon, private land*, 1f
Eastbourne, Sussex, private land*, 1f
Barton Broad, Norfolk, private land*, 3f
Soudley, Glos, SO65921033*, 1f
Basing Road, Basingstoke, Hants, SU657 529, 2f
Furze Hill, Fordingbridge, Hants, SU17081119, 1f
Weybourne Wood, Norfolk, TG126420, 18f
Kingsteignton, Devon, SX8612773620*, 1f

9 June
Fonthill, Wilts, private land*, 1f
Merthyr Mawr NNR, Glam, SS86297598, 2f
Salcey Forest, Northants, SP79355109, 3f
Westhay Wood, Northants, SP985978*, 1f
Fineshade Wood Top Lodge, Northants, SP979982, 4f
Silver Bay, Anglesey, SH288752*, 1f
Wootton Coppice Inclosure, S Hants, SU23800015, 6f
Ebley, Stroud, Glos, SO82630437*, 1f
Shaw Ridge, Swindon, Wilts, SU121862*, 1f
Overton Park Campsite, Derbys, SK 34632 62096, 1f
Barnhamcross Common, Thetford, Suffolk, garden, 1f
Shotesham, Norfolk, TM245995, 1m in trap

8 June
Haddiscoe Marshes, Norfolk, TM45029936, 2f
Llangeitho, Ceredigion, garden, 5f
Brede Marsh, E Sussex, private land*, 1f
Dunwich Heath, SuffolkTM473467891 larva by day
Clowes Wood, Kent, TR12536426, 8f

7 June
Ellerburn Bank, N Yorks, SE8528481 larva by day
Stockland, Devon, private land*, 1f
Steyning Rifle Range, Sussex, TQ166111, 5f, 1m; TQ165113, 10f, 2m
Woolaston, Glos, private land*, 1f
Ruggs Hill, Wimbleball Lake, Somerset, SS97543183, 1f

6 June
Blean Woods NNR, Kent, TR09736026 1 larva by day
Codicote, Herts, garden*, 1f
Onehouse, Stowmarket, Suffolk, garden*, 1f

5 June
School Hill, Burwash, E Sussex, TQ67682472*, 3f

Bishopstone, Newhaven, Sussex, garden*, 1f

4 June
Midhurst, Sussex, SU89192045, 1l
Kesgrave, Suffolk, garden, 4f
Thetford Forest, Suffolk (awaiting grid ref), 1f
Pirbright Common, Surrey, private land, 1f

3 June
Bixslade Valley, Forest of Dean, Glos, SO60001028*, 1f
Aisholt, Somerset, ST177348*, 4f
Bruton, Somerset, ST674340*, 1f

2 June
South Chard, Somerset, garden, 1f
Whitehill bridge, East End, Stonesfield, Oxon, SP395157*, 1f

1 June
Tideswell Dale, Derbys, private land*, 7f, 2m
Slufters Underpass, New Forest, Hants, SU23490978, 2f
Litcham, Norfolk, TF88801735*, 1f
Kilburn Woods, N Yorks, SE508812*, 12f, 1m

31 May
Whiteley, Hants, SU53920995*, 1 larva by day
Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, TM16919726, 1f
Chobham Common, Surrey, SU 97112 654251 larva by day

30 May
Combeinteignhead, Devon, garden, 1f

29 May
Sedge Fen, Wicken Fen, Cambs, TL560709, 1 larva by day
Wembury Point, Devon, SX50114842,  1 larva by day
Shropham, Norfolk, garden*, 1f

28 May
Baylham, Suffolk, garden*, 1f
Bethersden, Kent, TQ91064028*, 1 larva by day
Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve, SS536085, 2f, 1l

26 May
Michelmersh, Hants, garden*, 1f

25 May
Cynwyd Forest, Merionethshire, SJ07624055, 1f
Milltown, Derbys, private land, 6f, 4m (to lures), 6l

24 May
Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne, Kent, TQ90956529*, 1 larva by day
Oakhanger, Hants, garden*, 1f

23 May
Davy Down NR, N Stifford, Essex, TQ59318010, TQ59287987, 2 larvae by day
Richmond Park, Benfleet, Essex, TQ 7968681 larva by day
Sampford Common, Somerset, ST118164, 1l by day

22 May
Eynsford, Kent, TQ5326556 larvae in daylight, 1 flying male (?) landed nearby
Bennar Beach, Gwynedd, SH57152273, 1l

20 May
Clipstone Old Quarter, Notts, SK 606 6701f
Filham Park, Ivybridge, Devon, SX64435505*,  1 larva by day

19 May
Crossways, Dorchester, Dorset, garden*, 1f

16 May
Hempstead, Kent, private land, 1 larva by day
Bringsty Common, Herefs, SO701354441 larva by day ; SO69825441, 1f

15 May
Tondu, Bridgend, Glam, SS88958371*, 1f
Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon, garden, 3 larvae by day

13 May
Haugh Wood, Herefs, SO5893711 larva by day

12 May
The Larches, Detling, Kent, TQ7895881 larva by day
Little London Woods, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants, SU386521*, 2 larvae by day

11 May
Bentley Wood, Hants, SU2602921 larva by day
Sandridge, Herts, TL15770975*, 1 larva by day
Piddlehinton, Dorset, SY 73639 98044*, 1 larva by day. (More results here)
Gain's Cross, Shillingstone, Dorset, ST84671028*, 1 larva by day
North Downs Way, Merstham, Surrey, TQ30035389*, 2 larvae by day

10 May
Dial Post, Sussex, private land, 1 larva by day

9 May
Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, TM16589732*, 1 larva by day

7 May
Woodbury Common, Devon, SY04178688, 1 larva by day
Moors Valley Country Park, S Hants, SU105106281 larva by day

6 May
Poltimore, Devon, 1f
Ashculm Turbary NR, S Devon, ST 14686 15754*, 1 larva by day
Glendaruel, Argyll and Bute, NS00148745*, 1 larva by day

4 May
Druce Farm, Puddletown, Dorset, SY7448995346, 1 larva by day
Piddletrenthide, Dorset, SY70844996591 larva by day

3 May
Wootton Coppice Inclosure, S Hants, SU23800017, 1 larva by day

2 May
Fineshade Wood, Northants, SP980598191 larva by day
Hartslock NR, Oxon, SU618879381 larva by day

1 May
Offham Hill, Lewes, E Sussex, TQ399115*, 1 larva by day
Holystone, Northumberland, NT94610202*, 1 larva by day

30 April
Salcey Forest, Northants, SP810511*, 2 larvae by day
Broad Haven, Bosherston, Pembs, SR9799411 larva by day

25 April
Woods Mill, Sussex, TQ218136, 1 larva by day

22 April
Llangeitho, Ceredigion, garden, 1f. Earliest record ever of a glowing female

21 April
Cheddar, Somerset, ST46585406, 1 larva by day
Stapleton Mire, N Devon, SS45831381*, 1 larva by day
Milton Mator Common, S Devon, SX854666*, 1 larva by day

20 April,
Kings Wood, Challock, Kent, TR0264981 larva by day

18 April
Battle Great Wood, E Sussex, TQ77021678, 1 larva by day

15 April
Newborough Warren, Anglesey, SH414627, 1 larva by day

13 April
Penallt, Monmouths, SO535095*, 1 larva by day

9 April
Charminster, Dorset,  SY 69779 93779 and SY 69744 94291*, 1 larva by day
Gollinglith Foot/Colsterdale, Yorks, SE14828130, 1 larva by day

6 April
Hole Park, Rolvenden, Kent, TQ83223268*, 1 larva by day

5 April
Puddletown, Dorset, 1 larva by day

4 April
Blean Wood, East Kent, TR121595, 2 larvae by day
Porthkerry Country Park, Glamorganshire, ST09196728, 1 larva by day

3 April
Cranleigh, Surrey, 1 larva by day

2 April 
Kenfig river mouth, Glamorganshire, SS793 832,1 larva
Joy's Loke, Shotesham, Norfolk, TM24639878, 1 larva on base of tree trunk

1 April
Devil's Dyke, Brighton, TQ263109, 1l by day

27 March
Moulsecoomb Wild Park, Brighton, TQ33140795, 1 larva by day
Hurstpierpoint, W Sussex, garden, 1 larva by day

26 March
Strumpshaw Fen NR, Norfolk, TG338063, 1l by day

6 March
Llanishen Reservoir, Cardiff,  1l by day

4 March
Blackheath, Surrey, 1l by day

19 February
East Ruston, Norfolk, TG339276*, 4l by day

10 February
Wicken Fen, Cambs, TL 56157 70576, 2l